The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Tony and Vito go for a walk down the hallway, and Tony stops in to see Schwinn as Vito heads to the restroom. Tony tells Schwinn about the Ojibwe saying. Schwinn agrees that he often don't see that we are part of a bigger reality, and wonders about Tony's sudden interest in the nature of reality. Tony hesitates, and then says that he was in a coma, and doesn't remember anything, but that he knows that, before he woke up, he felt like he was being pulled toward somewhere he doesn't want to go. Carmela told him that he woke up and asked who he was and where he was going, and that it made him wonder about heaven and hell. Schwinn says that presupposes the duality of good and evil, something Schwinn doesn't buy into. Tony reports what Pastor Bob said about Schwinn not being saved. Schwinn says he has laryngeal cancer, and wonders if Tony could "whack" him. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Schwinn apologizes for the "bad joke."

Paulie sits in Tony's room, tapping his fingers. Tony enters, and Paulie asks where Vito went. Tony says that he can't wait over an hour for Vito to take a dump, and that "you could build a jetty with what comes out." That is a mental image that I did not need. Tony knows that Paulie didn't go to Dottie's funeral. Paulie says he's done with Aunt Ma, and won't be paying four grand a month for her nursing home anymore. Tony asks if he's going to throw her out on the street, because Aunt Ma loved Paulie, and cared for him growing up. Paulie says he's the most pissed about Dottie, because even Livia, with all her faults, never abandoned her children. Tony is reflexively pissed that Paulie dissed his mother, and then gets pissed that Paulie feels so sorry for himself. Tony preaches, "You gotta get beyond this petty bullshit, Paulie. You're part of something bigger. When you gonna learn that?"

Treach walks out of a convenience store with some grocery bags, and suddenly, he gets shot in the ass. As his girlfriend freaks out, Bobby quickly walks away.

Tony lies in his bed and thinks about the food he will eat when he gets out. Carmela listens while she stares out the window, thinking. Finally, she turns and tells Tony that she thinks the package from Vito and Paulie was short. Tony doesn't see the big deal, and Carmela advises, "Vito, especially, is somebody you should watch." I kind of dig Carmela getting her hands dirty, mostly because I think deep down she is actually a better judge of character than Tony is, and possibly colder in some ways. The insurance lady returns and tells Tony that he's going home. The lady starts to leave, but Tony stops her and asks if she knows anything about Schwinn's surgery, which happened that morning. She heard they removed his larynx, which seems like a violation of several patient confidentiality laws. Although if she's not a doctor, maybe it doesn't matter.

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