The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Tony sits in his room and flips through the TV channels. Mrs. Barone comes in with Paulie, and Tony offers his condolences on the loss of her husband. Mrs. Barone says that Jason filled her in on what's been going on, and that she gets why Tony is upset. She confesses that she and her husband purposely kept Jason in the dark about how the business worked, so she deserves the blame for what has happened. Tony doesn't think she's involved, but she begs Tony not to let anything happen to Jason. Paulie watches her suspiciously. Tony is confused, and says that nothing will happen to Jason. Mrs. Barone isn't convinced, and begs Tony to hurt her in place of her son, if that's what needs to happen. Paulie starts tearing up in the background and leaves the room. Mrs. Barone asks Tony for his word that nothing will happen, and Tony gives it. Out in the hallway, Paulie wipes tears from his face. I think anyone can see that this isn't going to end well for a number of people.

Christopher helps Tony put his shirt on to prepare for going home. Bobby hands Tony an envelope of money, saying that he had an especially good week, but failing to mention that his good week was the product of shooting Treach. Silvio, Christopher, Carmela, Bobby, Vito, Meadow, and Janice walk along as Tony is wheeled down the hall by an orderly. AJ must have had to work the swing shift. Tony makes them stop by Schwinn's room, where things look pretty fucking dire. Christopher asks if Tony wants to say goodbye. Tony checks out all the tubes attached to his friend's body and decides to pass it up.

As they enter the hospital lobby, the paramedic approaches with an envelope of cash. Tony tells him not to do it there, and then decides that they shouldn't do it all, and refuses the envelope. Christopher is incredulous, but Tony commands the orderly to roll him on. As they wait for their car, Tony sits on the curb in his wheelchair and marvels at humanity, and all of the everyday noises most of us take for granted. Janice says that she's going to get her car, but Tony grabs her hand and pulls her back. He says emotionally that he's supposed to be dead, but now he's alive, and that he's "the luckiest guy in the whole world." He vows that, after this, every day is a gift. Janice agrees, but just as quickly leaves to get her car, clearly not all that affected by Tony's revelation.

At home, Tony lies in bed. Carmela comes in and tells him that Phil is there to see him, but they need to keep it short. Tony calls her back: "Hey, Blondie. It's all you, you know. The reason I'm back here." Carmela is clearly flattered, and says that it's not just her, but that she appreciates his saying that. That was a nice moment between them. I'm really rooting for those two crazy kids to make it. Carmela leaves, and Phil walks in and shuts the door. Tony turns on some music to cover their conversation. Phil says that Johnny doesn't want any trouble, so he's willing to let Tony keep his paycheck and his W2 for ten years, and jack up his share of the sale price to 12%. Tony thinks it over, and then decides that it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. It's a postage stamp, if you will. They shake on it, and Phil leaves.

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