The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Jason Barone, son of the owner of Barone Sanitation, goes to the company's head office and talks to the foreman. Jason's father died recently, and Jason has been going over the books, and discovered that a consultant named Anthony Soprano has been drawing a paycheck for years, but that his office seems abandoned. Huh. Imagine that. A sanitation company in New Jersey has someone with an Italian name on the payroll who doesn't seem to actually do any work. I don't mean to stereotype, but duh. The foreman says that Tony's in the hospital, but that Jason can talk to Tony's colleague, Paulie. He gestures to the wall, where a clipping is hanging with a picture of Paulie being recognized as 2006 Honoree for Excellence in Recycling. Like Paulie ever separated his papers and plastics. Also, I kind of want that photo for my desktop. The picture spurs Jason's memory, and he realizes that Anthony is Tony Soprano, a friend of the family. How dumb is Jason? He couldn't figure out that Anthony Soprano is Tony Soprano? And he doesn't know who Tony Soprano is? Does he not read the papers?

Janice and Bobby visit Tony, who is busy yelling at the hospital staff for giving him a tray of food when he's not allowed to eat due to his impending surgery. Janice launches right into a story about her baby crying, like anyone cares, and like Janice even cares about her baby, unless she can use the baby as an excuse to get out of something, or to get attention and create drama. Tony rips on her for her Ojibwe saying, and Janice denies putting it up there, but their discussion is interrupted when Janice's nanny calls. Bobby helps himself to Tony's dinner. Tony rips on Bobby's love of trains, like, is this International Rip on the Bacala Family Day and no one informed me? Because I would have worked up some more material. Then again, every day is pretty much International Rip on the Bacala Family Day. Bobby apologizes for his role in Tony's shooting. Tony says darkly, "I tell you this, Bobby. You can't hide behind this brother-in-law shit forever. You're an okay guy, but each and every man is judged on his own merit." Bobby leaves the room, and Tony tries to click in some more morphine. George Clooney isn't there, so Tony continues to feel pain. And live.

As Tony struggles to get more pain relief, Aaron, Janice's ex-boyfriend, walks in and asks if Tony has heard the good news. Or I should probably say, Good News. Aaron is wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Terri Schiavo Vigil, 3-31-05, You go girl!" Man, that is awesome. And if you were wondering how the writers feel about Christian right-to-life protestors, now you know. Aaron says that he was there protesting a hospital pharmacist who was fired for refusing to fill a prescription for birth control pills. Wow, you mean he was fired for refusing to fulfill the duties of his job? Imagine that! Aaron introduces his friend and prayer leader, Bob Brewster. Bob walks in, and he's got that weird, overly earnest, ring-on-your-doorbell-and- ask-if-you've-been-saved kind of look to him. Bob thought they would pray for Tony, and Tony jokingly accuses him of bottom-feeding. Tony continues to be frustrated by the lack of morphine he's getting from the machine. Bob says that he's "seen people delivered from unbelievable pain." He adds that he was addicted to "cocaine and strippers," lost his wife, and crashed his car while drunk. During the crash, he prayed for God to save him, and he was saved, both literally and spiritually. Bob urges Tony to pray for salvation. Tony says that he's got the whole thing covered with his parish priest. Bob wants Tony to talk to God directly, without liturgical or human intercession. That's un-Catholic! We let the priests do the talking! ["When we go to church. Infrequently." -- Wing Chun]

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