The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Carmela walks in and seems weirdly happy to see Aaron. Bob talks about a study proving that prayer helped with pain. Wasn't there a study that came out just this week about how prayer didn't help heart patients? Then again, there will probably be a study next week saying the opposite. Carmela thinks that prayer couldn't hurt, and Bob takes that as permission to launch into a prayer. Tony thinks for a moment and then asks about the pharmacist who wouldn't sell birth control. Bob thinks the guy should be "free to exercise his moral convictions without suffering loss of livelihood." Well, then I think he's in the wrong livelihood. Tony argues that he's worried about Viagra, because he'll probably need it, and someone might decide that God's against it. Bob assures him, "God loves procreation." Has he looked at Carmela? I think she might be a little too old for procreation at this point. I wonder how God feels about post-menopausal sex? I would ask him, but I'm not allowed, because I'm Catholic. Bob explains that birth control is a sin because it attacks life. Tony asks again what would happen if someone tried to get rid of Viagra, and tells Carmela that this affects her, too. Bob is sure that no one will ever go after Viagra. Tony reminds him that the government outlawed booze at one point, and as a bar owner, Tony is concerned. Bob smirks and says that Tony actually owns a strip club. So Bob's done his homework! Tony asks if Bob has been to the Bing; point for Tony there. Carmela thinks Tony needs to rest, and thanks Bob and Aaron for coming. Tony says very sincerely that he appreciates their coming by. They leave, and Carmela asks Tony why he's being such a wise-ass. Tony acts all innocent.

Tony lies on the operating table, unconscious for his surgery. Dr. Rachel Green's Dad peer into Tony's wound and says, "Oh my God! I just found Jimmy Hoffa!" Everyone chuckles. Do kids nowadays even know who Jimmy Hoffa is?

Meadow reads to Tony from his dinosaur book. Paulie walks in with Jason Barone, and Tony gives his condolences. Tony reintroduces Jason to Meadow, and they seem to share sort of an interesting look, but who knows if anything will ever come of that. Tony and Jason reminisce about their trips to sporting events, and Meadow says that she has to go. Tony says proudly that Meadow wants to be a doctor, and Paulie adds, "Also considering law." Tony gets down to business, despite the fact that he can't even sit up on his own. He heard that Jason wants to sell Barone Sanitation to Chuckie Cinelli. Jason thinks it would be the best thing for his widowed mother, and adds that Tony would get a severance package. Tony strongly suggests that Jason not sell the business right now, and offers to help Jason to find a better buyer when he gets out of the hospital. Jason -- clearly not in the loop on what happens when Tony strongly suggests something -- isn't convinced. Paulie asks Jason if he even knows what his EBITDA is, and clearly Paulie has been watching CNBC in his spare time. Jason seems confused. Tony tells Jason, "You let me handle this. I don't want to see you get hurt. The carting business -- it's a different corporate culture." Paulie says that they should let Tony rest, and Jason leaves.

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