The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Carmela helps Tony walk down the hall. A nurse calls Carmela away, so she helps Tony to sit on a chair outside Da Lux's room, which is perfect for Tony to eavesdrop. Inside, Da Lux's manager is explaining how the shooting has caused Da Lux's new album to climb the charts, and helped out with his street cred, which was apparently a problem. Da Lux complains that he's in a lot of pain. Tony looks disgusted as Da Lux cries over the possibility of losing his thumb. It's hard to tell if he's disgusted by the manager's avarice, or by Da Lux's self-pity. Or both.

Bobby gets a drink of water near Da Lux's entourage. One guy, played by Treach from Naughty by Nature, is in the middle of working on a rap, and Bobby strikes up a conversation. Treach is apparently Da Lux's protégé, but since the shooting, Da Lux doesn't have time for Treach, who complains that now he'll never get to record his major-label debut. Bobby seems to relate, since he also was hoping to move up the ranks, and now that Tony's been shot, he probably won't get his chance.

Paulie's car screeches to a stop in front of his mother's retirement community, where a group of oldsters is exiting a bus. Ma Walnuts is happy to see Paulie, who grabs her arm and pulls her aside to confront her with Aunt Dottie's revelation. Ma Walnuts tries to deny it, but finally admits that she's not so much Ma Walnuts as she is Aunt Walnuts. So now I'm going to call her Aunt Ma Walnuts. Paulie yells that he gave his Aunt Ma everything under false pretense. He calls Aunt Ma "a fraud and a phony" and Ma Dottie "a hoo-ah!" Aunt Ma tries to make excuses, but Paulie thinks they cooked up a scheme, and that he's the innocent victim. ["Yeah, they totally pegged Paulie, in utero, as a future mafioso they could later exploit for scuba shoes and such." -- Wing Chun] Aunt Ma says that she always loved Paulie, but Paulie just walks away.

Bobby smokes a cigar outside the hospital. Treach walks out, and Bobby says that he's been thinking about Treach's problem, and thinks it would help if Treach got shot too, because it would "raise [his] profile with Ex Lax." Bobby thinks it would be easiest if Treach got shot in "the fleshy part of the thigh." Doesn't the whole thigh have flesh? Treach calls Bobby "a crazy motherfucker" and stomps off.

The guys sit in the hospital lobby and watch Today. Silvio's back, and still sucking on his inhaler. Paulie walks out and is greeted by Father Intintola, who's kind of turning into Father Intintubby. Paulie yells at Father about "those fucking nuns [he's] got up there." Father Intintola is just like, "The H?"

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