The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

Paulie and Tony return to Tony's room, and Bobby introduces Tony to the paramedic who brought him in. Tony gets all mad about the "wallet biopsy" the paramedic performed. The paramedic says that he didn't take any money from Tony's wallet, and that he was only doing his job by looking for proof of insurance. Tony demands the $2000 that went missing from his wallet. The paramedic protests, and Christopher shoves the guy and says that he has one week to pay up. It's obviously a shakedown; this guy didn't take a damn thing. Carmela walks in, breaking up their little party. Tony cheerfully says goodbye to the paramedic. The rest of the guys file out, as AJ walks in. Tony wonders if AJ and Carmela made up. AJ says that Carmela apologized, and Carmela adds that AJ got a job at Blockbuster. Well, he's clearly on the road to success. Tony is pleased that they patched things up.

Tony, Schwinn, Da Lux, and the rest of the entourage sit around in Da Lux's giant hospital-room suite and watch a boxing match. That suite is bigger than any single room in my house, and way bigger than Tony's room. The satellite signal scrambles, and Da Lux yells at Treach, who is standing near the window holding a satellite dish. Man, Treach really is a bitch. Tony tries to get Paulie into the conversation, but Paulie is busy cleaning his nails and stewing over his matrilineage. Paulie breaks out of his reverie and says that boxing is "a life of abuse," and that it's "the same for everybody." He points out that Tony was shot by his own uncle, and that you think you can count on family, but they fuck you in the end. Hopefully not literally, although that would explain why Paulie is so fucked up. Tony apologizes for Paulie, because he's grieving. Paulie thinks we're all fighting for our lives. Schwinn disagrees, but doesn't want to get into it, because it's complicated. At Tony's urging, Schwinn says it's an illusion that the boxers are separate entities, and brings up Schoedinger's Equation to explain that physics shows we are all part of the same field. The satellite signal goes out again and everyone yells at Treach. Tony wants Schwinn to continue. Schwinn goes on to say that everything is connected. Da Lux agrees, "Everything is everything." The picture goes out on the TV again. Schwinn concludes that our consciousness makes separate shapes out of things, but that they don't really exist. Paulie asks Schwinn to fix the TV if he's so smart. Schwinn thinks Paulie is joking. Paulie isn't joking. As Schwinn goes to make the repairs, Tony mulls over what they discussed.

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