The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

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The Fleshy Part Of The Thigh

A man and his young son ride in a Barone garbage truck to a stop. When they get to their destination, a Cinelli truck is blocking the way. The guy gets out to see what's up, and is told that it's not his route anymore. The Cinelli employees beat the crap out of the guy, right in front of his son. Nice. Not that I was ever planning on getting a job as a sanitation worker, but now it's dropped to the absolute bottom of the list of potential careers.

Tony sleeps in his room, the Ojibwe saying on the bedside table.

Paulie goes to see Aunt Ma, a glower on his face. Aunt Ma chides Paulie for not going to his own mother's funeral, but Paulie complains that "even a rat don't abandon its own children." Aunt Ma points out that Dottie will have to "face St. Peter with that stain on her." Paulie starts yelling at Aunt Ma for taking advantage of him for all these years, since he was the only one of her children who helped her out financially. Paulie points out all the glitz and glamour he's provided for Aunt Ma: "The mink coat, the massage chair from Sharper's [sic] Image, the flat-screen TV." The saddest part of this scene is how tiny Aunt Ma's apartment is, and how tacky the furniture is, and just everything, and yet Paulie is acting like he's been putting his aunt/mother up in the Ritz-Carlton. Paulie grabs the television and tosses it out the window. ["Hey! The television never abandoned you, Paulie! Have some respect!" -- Wing Chun] He says emotionally, "You're on your own. I never want to see you again." He stomps out, and Aunt Ma sobs on her bed.

Jason visits Tony to report that he can't renegotiate the agreement with Cinelli. Tony yells that Jason was an idiot, and Jason wonders he was supposed to know the deal. Tony and Paulie blame Jason for the beating of the Barone employee. Jason protests that it's not fair. Tony can't believe Jason thinks anything in life is fair, and kicks him out of the room. Out in the hallway, Jason says that his family kept him in the dark about their connections. Paulie projects his own feelings and says that lack of communication is no excuse, while he shoves Jason down the hall.

Treach meets up with Bobby in Bobby's car, and hands over a paper bag full of cash in return for Bobby's shooting him. Bobby complains that the money is a grand short, and Treach says that he could get his brother to do it for free. Bobby points out all the good reasons to have a stranger do the shooting, mainly that no one will ever find out Treach set the whole thing up. Treach says that it's all the money he's got, and Bobby accepts it. Treach says that he wants Bobby to surprise him, and takes off.

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