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Forty-five boxes of ziti

Tony and Richie step into an adjoining room. Tony lights up a cigar, and Richie comments on the decor and what a great racket funerals are. Then he decides it's a good idea to tell Tony not to smoke in there. Nice one. Tony asks who's going to complain, the stiffs? He gestures towards another body in a casket. "Hey, you mind? He don't mind," Tony says. Tony always looks so spooky surrounded by smoke. Richie apologizes for blowing up at Tony's game. Tony reminds him that he was out of line, and that he needs to "back off and respect the title." Meaning, I'm the boss, and don't you forget that. Richie attempts ass-kissing and says Tony's in charge, he makes the rules. Tony hulks over Richie like Frankenstein and says, "No, no. I don't make 'em. They've always been there. Now you get this, Davey Scatino doesn't pay you a fucking penny until I get mine first. That's the tax you get for raising your hands at my game. I get mine first, then you get yours. That's the way it's gonna be. I don't do something, how's it gonna look?" Richie closes his eyes and inhales in disbelief. Tony goes back out to the main room and sits next to Carmela, a picture of piety, sucking in her cheeks and opening her eyes widely with attentiveness as usual. Father-son-holy-ghosting, and Tony looks menacingly at Livia, who is kissing her cross. Funeral service, et cetera.

Livia out cold in the back seat while Richie and Janice drive home. "I'm just sayin' I don't think you should take any shit from him," Janice says in a hushed "I know the score with Tony and I'm going to manipulate you into dealing with him so that I can get mine vicariously through you" voice. Richie moans that he heard her the first time, let's drop the subject. Janice shuts up for about a millisecond, and Richie defends himself by saying that Tony put him back in action with $50,000 after he got out of jail. Janice is all of a sudden proud of her daddy's little girl status, and reminds him that she knows how things work. She whispers the "daddy's little girl" part, as she looks shiftily at Livia, which is kind of strange. "You're his responsibility, he didn't do you any favor," she continues. Why would you ever want to make a guy like Richie feel all less than a man is beyond me. Then she launches into a story about how Johnny Boy helped out another guy with $50,000 when he got out of jail thirty years ago. Then she gets all snooty and sarcasm drips from her voice as she figures that'd be half a million dollars these days, so what Tony gave Richie was diddly-squat and he should be insulted. She just loves trouble, this one. Punchline: she tells him mailmen make more than $50,000. Jeez, Janice. Don't give the man a complex or anything.

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