The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

We open with a couple ballroom dancing through Richie and Janice's empty house. Music plays and the couple dances. They spin off-camera as Janice and Tony enter the house carrying a couch. They put it down in the entryway as they discuss Janice's old job as a mover. Tony asks how many jobs Janice has had in her lifetime. "Enough to know I don't ever want another one," she replies. The couple dances by again as the male dancer tells Janice her floors have a terrific glide. She thanks him and tells him he looks great. His name is Rick. Tony and Jancie watch the couple dance off. Tony asks if Richie's son Rick is still "flying down to Rio." Janice brags that Rick is one of the top dancers in his field. A group of men calls Tony from the other room. They're all watching the game on a widescreen television, smoking cigars and drinking beer. Jackie Junior walks over and asks Tony if he wants to join them. Tony declines.

The music swells again, this time signaling trouble, as Tony walks back over to Janice. She asks him what's wrong. Tony says that Jackie wanted nothing more than his son to go to college and grow up to be a doctor, not hang around in empty living rooms with wise guys. He says that if Jackie knew his son dropped out of college, it would break his heart. Janice says that dropping out of college didn't hurt the Beatles or Bill Gates. She brags that Richie is taking A.J. to the dirt bike championships. Tony says that A.J. can't go because he got a C in Algebra. Janice asks if Carmela knows about this. Tony confesses that A.J. really can't go to the dirt bike championships because he doesn't want Richie around his kids. Janice asks what the fuck he's talking about. Tony tells Janice to ask Beansie. Janice says that Richie told her that the transmission slipped and the car just moved on its own, and Richie's lucky to be alive. She also adds that Beansie owed Richie lots of money over the past ten years. Janice asks why they're throwing her and Richie an engagement party if they're so awful. Tony says he wants to do right by his sister, and that this is really Carmela's party. Janice reminds Tony that he's still fucking a little Russian girl on the side, so he doesn't really have the right to judge people. Tony tells Janice to go ahead and be "a co-dependent to a fucking shitbag." He says he doesn't care, and leaves. Janice says that Tony can't stand to see her happy. Tony tells her to shove it up her ass as he slams the door. Janice stands in her entryway as the ballroom dancers twirl behind her.

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