The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Soprano kitchen. Tony asks Carmela where everybody is. Carm says that A.J. is upstairs and Meadow is out. The phone rings. "You'd better get it," Carmela says. "Maybe she slit the other wrist." Tony answers. It's Janice. She's crying, "I need you! I need you to come over now!" Tony asks if it's Livia. Janice says it's not, but she can't say right now what it is. Tony tells her to stay there and he'll be right over. He hangs up and tells Carmela that it's Janice. "Right," Carmela nods. Tony says he has to go, and leaves. Carmela isn't buying it.

Janice cries over Richie's bloody corpse. Tony cocks his gun and walks into the house. He sees Janice crying and smoking over Richie. She tells Tony that Richie hit her. "It was an accident," she says. Tony asks where Livia is. Janice says she's asleep from the pills. He asks where the gun is. She says it's in the kitchen cabinet. "I didn't mean it, Tony," she moans. Tony puts his gun away and walks into the kitchen. He picks the gun up with a dishtowel. He tells Janice not to talk to anybody about this. He gets on the phone and tells Janice to go take a shower, and to give him the clothes and the shoes she's wearing.

Lispy Skip walks into Pussy's hospital room. "They got away," Pussy says. Skip says he told Pussy not to follow them. He asks what Pussy's plan was if Christopher had spotted him. He tells Pussy that the 7-11 clerk he hit with his car is now in a coma. They were going to press charges, but he got Pussy out of it. Pussy says he owes him again. Skip tells Pussy that he's not an FBI employee, and it's not going to happen. Pussy says he's got a lot to offer. He says he knows he misspent most of his life. Skip says that Pussy's going to help build a case against Tony, and then he's going to do time for selling heroin. Then he'll get out and start a new life. He tells Pussy that's a good thing.

Janice smokes as Tony mops up blood around Richie. There's a knock at the door. It's Christopher and Furio. "Whoa," Christopher says. Tony says there's no time. He hands Furio keys and tells him to take Richie's car to the salvage crusher. The phone rings. Tony answers. There's nobody there.

It's Carmela, checking up on him. She hangs up.

As Christopher and Furio carry the Glad-bagged Richie out of the house, Janice runs after, begging Tony not to leave. He says he'll be right back. Janice keeps crying, clutching the stove.

Back at Satriale's, Christopher and Furio grind Richie up into little bits. Christopher says it'll be a long time before he eats anything from that butcher again. They bag him up and Furio carries him away, telling Christopher to wash the room.

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