The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Carmela's still reading Memoirs of a Geisha. At her feet are brochures from Italy. She hears the door open, and yells to Meadow that she's got a UPS up in her room. It's Tony, and he sits down at the couch as far away from Carmela as possible. Carm asks what happened. Tony says that Janice went back to Seattle. Carmela asks if Richie's heartbroken. "Richie's gone," Tony says. Carm asks where. "Carmela, after eighteen years of marriage, don't make me make you an accessory after the fact." Carmela starts to understand and says, "Holy shit." "Stop asking," Tony says. Carmela leans her head back. Tony says he took care of it. Carm nods and delivers the understatement of the year, "That...that was not a marriage made in heaven." Carm and Tony just sit and nod. Tony asks what the brochures are for. Carm says that after Meadow's graduation, she's going to Rome with Rosalie Aprile. For three weeks. She says they're going to shop and try to see the Holy Father. Tony asks what people are going to think if she's gone for three weeks. Carmela says that Tony will have to chauffeur A.J. around to his dentist and whatnot. He'll also have to find a tennis clinic for Meadow to join. She says that if Tony can't do those things and she has to do them, then she just might commit suicide. She gets up and walks off as classic rock sings to us, "Hey, hey, I saved the world today. And everybody's happy now the bad thing's gone away." We know, classic rock. We know.

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