The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Uncle Junior's talking to his lawyer, complaining about the cost of the legal bills. The lawyer says that they're hiring experts to study the wiretap tapes. If they find abuses, they can take them to the judge and have all the evidence thrown out. Junior says he knows the Feds stay on the phone long after the thirty seconds allowed to determine if the call is pertinent. The lawyer says these people will cost money. Four hundred thousand dollars, actually.

Cut to Junior finding out he's not allowed to sell coke on the routes anymore. Jackie Jr. and Bobby are in Jun's living room. Richie says that Tony doesn't give a shit about anyone else. Junior says he's facing twenty years and might die in prison. "You're gonna beat it, Skip," Bobby interjects. "You don't fucking know that!" Junior screams back. Bobby looks down and keeps quiet. Poor Bobby. I wish he were here to protect me all day. Junior says the coke is his lifeline right now. Richie says it's time to take Tony out. Junior says that Richie's going to need allies to do that kind of thing. Richie says that Albert Barese didn't like what he was hearing, and so by extension, Larry Barese won't be happy. Junior stands up and says he's not surprised. He says that Larry's had just as much time to think about why he's under indictment when some other people aren't. Richie asks what he should do. Junior tells him to go talk to "Alley Boy" and feel him out. He tells Richie not to commit, because Alley Boy is "slippery." Richie hugs him and leaves. Junior tells Bobby that Richie's got "tremendous moxie" for his size.

Pussy gets into the running car of Lispy Skip. Pussy tries to give Skip a present of Johnnie Walker, but Skip says he can't accept it. He says he'll pass it along to the fire department guys. Pussy says that the FBI's policies keep them from getting distracted. "Look what happened with those Egyptians. Those motherless World Trade Center fucks. Serial numbers on an axle and you put every one of them behind bars." Skip asks what Pussy's talking about. Pussy says he owes him for looking the other way on the Bevelaqua charge. Skip says he doesn't know what Pussy's talking about, and Pussy says he understands that Skip can't admit to anything. Pussy says he's thinking about living in Scottsdale, Arizona, after all of this has gone down, when he's in witness protection. He says he'll take some courses when he's in the can and then give lectures in police departments on organized crime when he gets out. Skip says it's not a bad idea. Pussy tells Skip about the block of airline tickets that Tony bought. Skip says that he'll put it on file. Pussy asks if he can use the tickets as probable cause for a warrant. He adds that attempt to defraud and extortion are RICO predicates. Skip says that they don't have a way to tie the ticket to Tony, and that he's probably moved them by now. He says that they have to wire Pussy up for Janice's engagement party. "I know you're sensitive," he starts, but Pussy interrupts. "Aw, fuck that. What was I, his errand boy?" He says he was running all over looking for Tony's kid's science teacher's car, and that's when all of his faith went out the window.

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