The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Carmela is doing laundry. She smells Tony's shirt.

Upstairs, we're at Janice's engagement party. Adriana admires Janice's ring. Adriana then tells Carmela she loves the new wallpaper. Janice asks for the guy's number.

Pussy's leaning into Tony, asking all kinds of questions. Tony is unhappy about the persistence of Richie's existence. He yells to Meadow to go help her mother in the kitchen instead of standing next to Richie and Jackie Junior. Pussy tells Tony that Richie was always a disturbed kid. Janice walks up as Pussy jokes that she's off the market. Pussy walks off, and Janice asks Tony if he's having a good time. Tony sort of apologizes about fighting earlier. He says he's happy for her. Janice says that Ma was really upset when they left the house earlier, because she really wanted to come to the party. Tony asks Janice to go back to where he was happy for her. Janice says that Ma is a completely different person now that she's on Prozac. Tony asks Janice to repeat herself, but Richie calls her from the other room, and Tony leaves.

Tony walks over to Carm to tell her that Livia's on Prozac. Tony says that Livia's just too senile to remember whom she hates. He asks Carmela what's wrong with her. "What do you care?" she responds, and walks off.

There's much clinking of glasses, and everyone gathers to hear Richie and Janice speak. Richie thanks his future in-laws for throwing a great party. Everyone is sort of far away from Janice and Richie, standing in a tight group, listening. Richie thanks everyone for coming. "The Apriles and the Sopranos," he says. "They say it's never too late and that all good comes to those who wait." He says they're right on both accounts. Janice kisses his face. Rosalie asks Little Rickie if he has anything to add. "Glad for you, Dad," he chimes in. Richie doesn't even smile at his son. "Stepmom," Rickie adds. Janice smiles and thanks him. She laughs and says she wanted to share her happiness with everyone there. She says she's been looking for her soulmate her entire life. She says she doesn't know why she thought she'd find anyone decent in "some ashram in Pradesh," but it turns out that she found the love of her life back at home. She tells Richie that he knocks her socks off. Janice starts crying, and they hug as the crowd cheers and shouts, "Salud." Carmela backs away from the crowd and runs through her kitchen and around a corner to break down in sobs.

Tony answers the phone in the middle of the night. Carmela is downstairs watching television as Tony comes down, dressed. He says he has to go out. Carmela doesn't answer, and keeps watching television.

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