The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Richie's meeting with Alley Boy, I'm assuming. I think this is still Albert Barese. Oh. I get it. Sometimes I'm dumb. Sorry. Albert's got this thing where whenever Richie says something, he says it back to Richie like it's his own statement. Richie: "Imagine? Getting a facelift and one week later you're in jail?" Albert: "Can you imagine that? You're getting a facelift, and one week later you're in jail." It throws Richie for a loop. Richie says he thinks that Albert didn't like what he was hearing the other day. Albert says he figured he was going to get fucked out of that bid. Richie says that's a sad statement on the world today. Albert says Larry really can't do much right now, since he's property of the government. Larry's got a trial coming up. Richie asks if Albert would be interested in getting involved in a move against Tony Soprano. "No way," Albert says.

Carmela has somehow wandered herself into a paint store and right into Vic. She acts like she just bumped into him looking for a paint roller, but she quickly confesses that she just wanted to see him again. He apologizes, she apologizes, he apologizes, and she tells him that she wanted to thank him for being so strong. She says that if he had come over that day, she would have done something that she would regret for the rest of her life. She says that one day she might not be married ("Maybe someday, I will be free."), but for now, she's thankful that he was strong enough for the both of them. Vic is still flirty with the eyes, but looks like he's thankful to be alive. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. A kid that looks like A.J. on a bad day walks over, carrying two Styrofoam cups of coffee. They sell that in a paint store? And when did Ramon turn into Evil A.J.? Vic thanks Christ that he's still alive. He asks Evil A.J. if he knows who that woman's husband is.

Melfi's office. Tony asks for the number of a good shrink he can give to Irina. He tells Melfi how she tried to kill herself. "Cost me three grand," he said. Melfi says that Irina should have seen the attending psychologist in the hospital. Tony explains that the doctor was Romanian, and there's "some beef that goes back centuries." Melfi asks if Tony feels responsible for the suicide attempt. Tony: "I was banging her for two years." Melfi: "Was that a hardship on her?" Tony: "That's cute." Tony says he's been through so many women, and he doesn't know why he can't just let her go. He says she's a good kid, and he thinks she's seriously depressed. Melfi wonders why Tony's ending it. Tony says that's what he's supposed to do, that's the right thing. Melfi says she's never passed judgment on his or any patient's sex life. Tony says he's been married for twenty years. "What's wrong with you?" he asks. "Why now?" Melfi asks. Tony confesses that it's not fun anymore, and asks again for her to recommend somebody for Irina.

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