The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Lispy Skip's getting dental work done when his cell phone rings. It's Pussy, all ready to spill the news on the Pokemon theft. Pussy says he doesn't know where the truck-jacking is going to occur, but he offers to go down there. Skip says that Pussy cannot go along. "We let you earn, but no violent crimes, right?" Pussy hangs up.

Irina is throwing things at Tony in her room. Svetlana hugs Irina and tells Tony that Irina had a very bad day. Irina went to try and get the modeling gig. Turns out it was a job modeling salad spinners for a catalog, and they told her she was too old. Even Tony has to grimace. Irina says it's all over for her. Tony says she'll be fine. Irina tells Tony how Svetlana's leg fell off in the Gap the other day, and her Bill picked her up and carried her. "Where is my knight in white satin armor?" she asks. Tony gives her the number for the psychiatrist. Irina is insulted. She says she won't go. Tony says she will, because it's what he wants her to do. "You're not the boss of me," Irina says. Tony's had it, and says she can fuck herself. He's tired of trying to be a nice guy. Svetlana explains that psychiatry is very scary to Russians. Tony says this is too fucked up for him. Irina tells him to fuck off. Tony leaves.

Livia's house. The fight is on television as Livia calls through the baby monitor that she needs help opening a bottle of Advil. "Oh, never mind!" she quickly follows. Janice never moved anyway. Little Rickie is leaving the house, saying he'll start on the gutters tomorrow. Janice asks Richie to take a look at something she'd like for the house. He tells her that she might need to take it easy on the spending for a little while so he can figure out the finances. Janice asks what happened. Richie says things might be a little fucked up for a while. Janice gets all serious and says, "Richie, if something's happening to you, it's happening to me." Richie says that there are problems with Tony. Janice storms around the room cursing. Richie brings up the jacket again. Janice asks if everything is still going through with the house. "We'll see," Richie says. Janice tells Richie that they're tiling the pool on Friday. She doesn't want to lose the deposit. She pouts that Tony can't stand it that their house is going to be nicer than his. Richie asks her what's her problem. "Nothing," Janice says. "It's just sad, that's all." She tells Richie that the real reason A.J. couldn't go to the dirt bike show is because Tony wouldn't let him. "He doesn't want you around his kids," she says. Richie throws his bottle of beer across the room, and it shatters on the fireplace mantle. The baby monitor fuzzes, and Livia's voice fills the room. "What happened? What was that?"

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