The Knight In White Satin Armor

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Richie! Richie! Richie!

Pussy's on his own surveillance mission. He's at the Searchlight Diner, waiting for Christopher to leave. He's even got a tape recorder, where he calls Christopher the "suspect." He records the time and says that Chris hasn't left the diner yet. Cut to Christopher, leaving with another guy. Pussy starts to follow them in his own car. It looks like Christopher sees Pussy before he gets in his own car.

They drive through back roads and parking lots. Pussy's following, not looking at anything but Christopher's car. Christopher speeds up and takes a quick turn. Pussy swerves to avoid hitting a truck, hits a guy on a bike, and then crashes his car. Pussy gets out of the car. His leg is cut up pretty badly. He limps a few feet and then collapses.

Liliana answers the phone in the kitchen. It's Irina, asking for Tony. Liliana asks who it is. Irina starts insulting Liliana for being Polish. Liliana snaps back that Irina isn't Tony's first whore. Tony eventually takes the phone away from the women speaking in foreign languages, and Liliana tells him it's for him. Irina tells Tony she misses him and loves him. Tony yells that she's got the wrong fucking number. "Don't call here again," he threatens. He hangs up and walks right into Carmela. The rest of the kitchen has cleared out. "Who was that? Your little Russian girlfriend?" Carmela asks. Tony says that it's over between them and it has been for a long time. Carm calls bullshit on him and asks why his clothes still stink of perfume. Tony tells Carmela how Irina tried to kill herself because she was so sad without him. "Oh, fuck you," Carmela says. Tony says that Irina said she didn't want to go on without him. "You are putting me in a position where I'm feeling sorry for a whore that fucks you?" Carmela asks. She says the worst thing is that she believed him for a second. She walks away. "Goddamn him," she moans as she walks back over to her friend. She says that Tony's not a good person, and that the man that did her wallpaper was honest and good and thoughtful. Carmela's friend says that Vic didn't not show up to save her marriage; he didn't show up because he was terrified of Tony. Carmela says she doesn't feel like going to the gym anymore. She runs upstairs.

Tony meets Junior at the doctor's office. He says this had better be good because he's in the middle of World War III at home. Junior tells Tony that Richie's moving against him, but nobody wanted in, and that Richie told him himself at his house. He says Richie's going to take out Tony and Larry and anybody else that doesn't go along. Tony asks how Junior knows this. Junior says that Richie thinks Junior's with him. "Really?" Tony asks, suspecting Junior's every word. Junior says he's been playing Richie, making him think he was on his side. He says that's why he made a big deal out of the coke. "I raised a non-issue and he fell for it." Tony calls Junior a double agent and asks how he knows Junior's not playing him, too. "Believe what you want, little nephew," Junior says. He adds that if he didn't tell Tony about this now, his wife might be a widow and his children would have no father. "Go fuck yourself," he concludes. Tony says he's grateful to him. He gives Junior a bigger cut on the routes, but asks him not to sell drugs. He hugs Junior. He says, "You know that asshole's marrying my sister?" Junior wonders where Janice is in all of this.

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