The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

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The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

Turnpike. Cigar smoke. Pizzaland.

Christopher sits at a table with a red checkered tablecloth and a cup of coffee on it. In a mural on the wall behind him, a pig nurses her piglets. Slowly, Christopher raises the cup to his lips while staring at a meat grinder behind the counter; in voice-over, a man says, "In the Czech Republic too we love pork -- you ever had our sausages?" A woman's voice begins singing. Christopher gets out of his chair in Dream Sequence Slo-Mo as the man's voice repeats the line about sausages, and he seems to move without walking through the deli and all the way back to the freezer, where he finds Adriana sitting on the ground all dressed in white; a man's hand feeds her an entire sausage. "Adriana," he reproaches her, but when we cut back to her, it's Carmela, also in white, chewing a bite of sausage. Again with the sausages in VO. Christopher looks out the window to see a zombie-like man staring in at him, and says, "E-mail Kolar." (Heh. It's actually "Emil"; Christopher killed him in an earlier episode.) Now Christopher's behind the counter of Satriale's, wearing a bloody apron. "Help you?" he says. Zombie Emil Kolar asks for a "salami sub, hold the mayo." A wind blows through the store. "We're outta mayo," Christopher tells ZEK, reaching under the counter for a sub roll. "Change my meat to Black Forest," ZEK drones. The man's hand passes Christopher a few slices of Black Forest ham, and then what looks like provolone, and Christopher slaps the cold cuts into the roll. ZEK: "You killed me." Christopher, impatiently: "What do you want me to do about it now?" "I want to tell you." "Tell me what? You come here every night." ZEK drones that "you fucked up." Christopher doesn't get it. ZEK dumps a handful of mangled bullets onto the counter. Christopher asks where he found the bullets. "One in the table, three in my skull," ZEK says, and adds, "You will have our sausages," and Christopher ducks behind the counter and tells the man's hand, "Get rid a these," and he hands the, uh, hand the bullets. Instead of taking them, the hand grabs Christopher's wrist, and Christopher starts yelling, "Let go a me! Let go!"

Christopher sits up in bed, sweaty, and checks to see that Adriana's still sleeping.

A wedding. Christopher dumps a computer in the bride's lap and apologizes for not wrapping it, but recommends the model of CPU highly to her. Adriana, wearing a loud red print dress, stands behind him, smiling faintly. The bride makes a "whatever" face in the direction of the groom.

Elsewhere in the receiving line, Larry Boy Barese compliments Carmela, telling her she's "looking gorgeous -- who's your date?" Carmela is wearing a lovely cream-colored belted suit, but her hair looks like an electrocuted meringue. Behind her, Tony hugs Larry Boy and congratulates him; it's Larry Boy's daughter's wedding, it seems. Livia is next in line, and Larry Boy greets her as "my darling," causing Livia to sniff that "I am nobody's darling." No argument here. Larry Boy makes an "okay, then" face and says of Livia that "this one here, she never disappoints you, I'll tell ya that," but Livia cuts him off at the knees: "Are you still seeing your other women, Lorenzo?" Carmela drags her away. Tony apologizes for Livia, but Larry Boy has other things on his mind: "I heard some disturbing shit last night, I wanted to talk to you about it, but what with the rehearsal dinner and everything, I -- there's the priest, I'll be right back." Tony tells him to go ahead, and he folds his lips and goes to find Carmela and Livia.

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