The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

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The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

Melfi's office. Tony and Melfi dicker over his paying for the missed session, and it devolves into a nasty argument over what if Tony had gotten hit by a car -- "what if," "you weren't," "answer me," "no," blah blah blah fishcakes. Tony stands up, takes up a giant roll of cash, and starts peeling bills off at Melfi; she sits mutely as he rants that "this is what it's all about, right? Motherfuckin' cocksuckin' money -- here!" When the bills have fluttered to the floor, Melfi tells him with only a faint tremor in her voice that she doesn't understand that comment, and she doesn't appreciate "being made to feel afraid." Tony, still on his feet, snarls that he doesn't appreciate feeling like he pours his heart out "to a fuckin' call girl." "Is that how you see me?" "Not until now," he says, and adds that she must not give a shit about him or his situation "or you wouldn't be shakin' me down." She glares at him, then murmurs, "It'll show up as paid on your next month's bill." "Fine -- stick it up your ass," he shouts, slamming out of the office. Melfi looks down at her lap.

A truly awful comedian attempts to entertain the "crowd" at Green Grove. In the audience, Livia whispers, "What's the matter with you, Corrado?" "Headaches, that's all," Junior tells her, but "not the kind you take aspirin for." Livia curls her lip. The comedian does a dreadful Ed Sullivan impersonation. Junior confides, "I think we may have a bad apple." "Does Tony know about this?" Livia asks, leaning closer to him. Junior nods. "What're you gonna do?" Junior says they can't do much, "we have to sit back and wait," and tells her not to let Tony know she knows: "He's under a lotta pressure." Livia laughs mirthlessly, then wheezes, "I'm sure he's telling his psychiatrist it's all his mother's fault." The comedian starts in with the harmonica. Junior straightens up in his chair: "What're you talkin' about, a psychiatrist?" Livia knowingly says that yeah, Tony's "been seeing one for a while now." Junior starts to get The Junior Look Of Sudden Fury as Livia grumbles, "God only knows what he says," but Junior can't believe his ears: "Tony?" "Yes, Tony! Tony, who had such a terrible mother," Livia grumps sarcastically. "A psychiatrist?" Junior repeats. "Yeeees, Junior, for Christ's sake!" Livia says impatiently. More non-humor from the "comedian." Back to Junior asking, "Who? The psychiatrist, I mean." "You think I know?" Livia whispers. Junior asks what she said to Tony about it, and she says she didn't say anything because she didn't want "to give him the satisfaction." She warns Junior that she doesn't want there "to be any repercussions." Junior stares at her, then asks yet again, "A psychiatrist?" "You're a broken record," Livia sneers at him, asking how many times she has to say it, and a woman in front of them shushes her. The comedian makes a "joke" about Ellis Island. Junior looks shaken.

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