The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

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The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti

A spoon tapping a champagne flute. The bride and groom kiss, and the wedding guests whoop and applaud.

Under a chandelier, Paulie (yay, he's back!) stands very close to Larry Boy and mutters, "Federal indictments? Where the fuck'd ya get this?" Larry Boy says that "a guy who owes" him has a girlfriend who works as a word processor at FBI headquarters. Paulie asks when it's coming down, but Larry Boy doesn't know yet, but when the girl hears, "she'll tell [him]."

Now Larry Boy's in conference with Tony and Pussy. Tony crabs, "Indictments? What the fuck are you talkin' about?" Pussy asks if he's sure, and Larry Boy makes a "don't shoot the messenger gesture" with his hands and warns them, "Hey, it ain't just my source in Jersey -- half of New York moved to Fort Lauderdale already." Tony and Pussy exchange an "oh, shit" look.

"Turn The Beat Around" plays in the background as Christopher mutters to Jimmy Altieri, "Fuck. They're gonna want my ass." Jimmy asks why. "What do you mean, 'why'? I'm O.C.," Christopher tells him testily. Jimmy, skeptically: "When'd you get your fuckin' wings?" Grudgingly, Christopher admits, "I didn't," adding a defensive "not yet, anyway." Jimmy nods.

Tony asks Junior if he has anything he wants to say "about this." The camera circles the group as Junior lectures them that they all get too panicky at the mention of indictments and always want to "lam it," and as far as he's concerned, "it's just speculation." "It's rumor," Mikey pipes up. Shut up, Mikey. And what's with the brown-on-brown ensemble? Poofy Poofatelli really needs to step away from the earth tones. Curto thinks it's "better [to] be safe than sorry, though -- I say we duck for awhile," but Junior doesn't agree: "And what're we gonna do -- close shop?" "We can't do that," Silvio says. Curto asks Tony what he thinks, and of course Junior gets his back up and demands to know why Curto's asking Tony when "I just -- I just gave you the answer!" Tony quickly says that "Junior's right -- we go on the lam now, it's open season, the fucking Albanians'll be livin' in our houses." Pussy complains that he just gave a thousand dollars to Larry Boy's daughter, but if he thought he'd have to lam it, he'd have given it to her later.

Adriana and Meadow on the dance floor.

The groom hands Pussy the gift bag; Pussy takes his thousand dollars back. The bride rolls her eyes.

Tony reminds the group that Junior calls the shots, and what he says, they do, but then he adds as diplomatically as he can that "maybe, you know, for today," everyone should do "a little spring cleaning." Mikey shakes his head; Junior prickles, "That was my next comment."

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