The Ride

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The Ride

Paulie and Patsy head back to the priest's office, where they are surprised to see a new priest, Father Jose. A guy from the neighborhood association, Mr. Russamano, is also in attendance, and remembers when Paulie was an altar boy. Father Jose sits down and asks to hear their ideas for this year's celebration of the Feast of St. Elzear. Paulie says that their "nonprofit corporation" handles the whole thing, and that all the church needs to do is loan them the statue for the procession and say some prayers for the crowd in order to get their end of the take. Father Jose leans forward, and says that their usual fee, $10,000, seems a bit low. Paulie says threateningly, "It is what it is." Father Jose backs off a little, and says that he knows he's new, but the church feels that a slight increase would make sense -- given inflation and whatnot -- and names a figure of $50,000. Paulie is stunned, and Father Jose starts running through all the great things the church could do with that money. Paulie refutes the argument by running through all of the costs of the festival. Father Jose shows he's no dummy by explaining that he knows all of the ways how the festival is actually a cash cow for Paulie's "non-profit corporation." Paulie points out that the church seems to have plenty of money for paying off the families of molestation victims. Paulie adds that the church has been participating in this festival since Johnny Soprano was running it, and that the honor guard will be by to pick up the statue and the gold hat in a few days. Father Jose says that the festival is supposed to be a celebration of giving, and years ago, many immigrants gave up their cash or even their gold wedding bands, as an offering. Those wedding bands were melted down to make the gold hat. The priest slyly adds that he doesn't feel safe handing it over for the festival this year, due to the "possible criminal element" in the neighborhood. Father Jose's accent has been all over the place in this scene –- at first he sounded Latin, but now he sounds Irish. What's up with that? Paulie smirks, and says that if they came up with the fifty grand, the priest would forget his qualms about criminals. The priest neither confirms nor denies this, but Paulie has had enough. Paulie shakes Father Jose's hand, and, as he walks by the statue of St. Elzear again, he stops and bleats, "Fuck the hat!"

Silvio and Tony talk to Paulie and Patsy at the Bing. Tony is complaining that some guy down in Pennsylvania wants to raise the carting fee again. Christopher walks in, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Tony asks Christopher to come to Pennsylvania to deal with this carting situation, and then asks him where he has been. Christopher just grins and holds up his hand, showing off his new wedding band. Everyone is stunned, and Tony has to ask, "Kelli?" So that's her name! At least Tony knew it. Tony asks what brought this on, and Christopher says without shame that there's a "visit from the stork coming up." Silvio asks Christopher if he's ever heard of pulling out, but then also tells a waitress to bring some Cristal over to celebrate. Christopher says that Tony has set an example for him (about lack of birth control?), and that he's also learned a lot in AA, so he's trying to put together "building blocks – home, family." Silvio agrees that that's what it's all about. I think Silvio is the only one in the group who actually believes that. Well, besides the murdering and whatnot. Actually, the more that I think about it, forget I said anything. Christopher decides that Kelli must be carrying a boy, and turns down the champagne, declaring, "My son will be my strength." Has he met Tony's son? The chances of Christopher's son turning out to be a source of strength are so NOT good. If it even is a son. Paulie's phone rings, and it's his doctor's office telling him that he missed an appointment. Everyone toasts to Christopher's baby.

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