The Ride

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The Ride

Back in the present, Christopher is thinking about what happened, and he turns to Tony and says, "I love you, man." Tony says that he loves Christopher, too, and they share a hug before driving home while listening to an Allman Brothers cover.

The next morning, a hung over Tony makes himself an espresso. Meanwhile, Christopher and Kelli go to check out a McMansion in a new development. Huh. I kind of thought they would buy Carmela's spec house, although I think the spec house might be more of a spec lot at this point. Kelli is once again dressed in her Jersey girl finest, with lots of pink and tight jeans tucked into knee-high boots. They're greeted by the realtor, and Christopher thinks that the house looks like "stately Wayne Manor." The realtor starts going through the house's features, but Christopher interrupts to say that they'll take it. The realtor calls him an "impulse buyer," and really? You think maybe Christopher has poor impulse control? Kelli laughs, and thinks that they should see the inside first, and Christopher agrees, but you can tell it's irrelevant to him at this point. He's found the starter home version of Tony and Carmela's house.

It's the Feast of St. Elzear! The streets are closed down and jam-packed with various booths, all lit up in green, red, and white. Paulie shakes down the booth renters for their fee. One guy doesn't want to pay up front, in case it rains, and points out that the Ohio State Fair gives rebates for bad weather. Paulie doesn't care and demands his cash.

Phil buys a zeppola at a nearby stand. Tony and Silvio walk up and greet him. Tony wants to talk to Phil alone, so they walk off together. Tony tells Phil that some guys they know "diverted a truck full of Centrum multivitamins," but they need to be unloaded out of state because the New Jersey troopers are on the case. He asks whether Phil wants in on it, and offers to split the profits fifty-fifty if Phil can handle it tonight. Phil thinks it over, agrees, and asks Tony to "spare John the stress of having to hear about this." Tony kind of smirks, knowing that Phil just doesn't want to kick up his share to the boss. And you know those Centrums pull in big bucks on the street. Am I right? Tony agrees, and goes along with Phil's ruse about preventing stress to Johnny, and they shake on it. Tony glances over at a nearby ride, and spots Julianna Skiff enjoying it with a friend. A lady friend. Tony waves to her, but she doesn't see him.

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