The Ride

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The Ride

Meadow, Finn, and Carmela get some food at a stand. Carmela says that she just came from praying for Tony's recovery, and snarks at Meadow for not praying. Meadow ignores her, and then points out Adriana's mom standing nearby. Carmela thinks Liz La Cerva looks terrible, as Meadow explains to Finn who the lady is. Carmela realizes that Liz saw them, so now she needs to go say "hello." Carmela walks over and says hello. Liz responds, in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "Carmela Soprano. How's your daughter? Mine's dead." Carm is (or acts) surprised at the news, and Liz says that Christopher killed her. Carmela walks the party line and says that Ade and Chris broke up, and Ade ran off. Liz says that Ade hasn't called at all, even on holidays, which Carmela chalks up to their "difficult relationship." Liz drops the bomb: "The FBI came to my home. You'd be amazed at the questions they asked me. They admitted that they think he killed her." Carmela writes the whole thing off to Liz being drunk, but Liz says that she's just depressed, and that she's been sober for years. Carmela just blinks, trying to find a way to incorporate what she just learned into her Mountain of Denial. It's hard to be sympathetic to Carmela when she can be so, so dumb. She really bought the "Ade ran off" story?

Christopher meets with Corky to give him some heroin as the final payment for whacking Rusty. Christopher keeps going on and on that his mother never cleaned the house, so his friends would get their clothes dirty when they came over to play. Corky can only think of his payment: "Yeah, yeah. Um, the drugs?" Christopher hands over an envelope with cash and drugs, and Corky asks whether he can get his fix right there. Christopher advises him to "rock out with [his] cock out," which always reminds me of Kevin Federline. And I hate Kevin Federline. Christopher keeps talking about how awesome his house is going to be, and then tells Corky to get some help for his drug use. Christopher stares at Corky's spoon and needle, and then says that it "wets his whistle," and he doesn't know why. Corky finally realizes that Christopher is staring, and offers some of his heroin up. Christopher turns it down, but then reconsiders and says that he could "toot some." As he prepares to snort some, Christopher says that when he was doing a lot of coke, which contained a lot of baby laxative, he "used to get diarrhea just from the smell of paper money." Thanks for sharing, dude. Also? I think that's a sign of addiction. Christopher advises Corky to go to rehab again, and doesn't seem to realize that Corky might not take him seriously when he is sharing drugs. Christopher does his toot, and then stares lovingly, as Corky shoots up.

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