The Ride

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The Ride

At the festival, Paulie gets a phone call from his doctor. Apparently, the numbers on Paulie's prostate tests are a little high, and the doctor wants to do a biopsy. Paulie is freaked out, and particularly upset because he is unable to give a paternal family medical history.

Janice makes Bobby Jr. go on the teacup ride with her and Nica. Bobby Jr. is pissed off that he has to go on a kiddie ride, so Janice lies that Nica wants her brother to go on the ride with her. Meanwhile, Nica doesn't give a shit whether she goes on the ride at all, because she's a baby. There's not enough room for all of them in one teacup, so Bobby Jr. has to sit by himself, and he does look like an idiot on the little kid's ride. Janice yells at him to stop pouting. As the ride continues, something breaks and sparks start flying from underneath the ride. No one in the crowd notices this and screams or anything? Eventually people realize that something is wrong, and the ride comes to a sudden stop. One little kid clearly hit his face on something, as he is bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose. His mother runs to him, and Janice screams out to someone to call an ambulance. Bobby and Sofia return from the bathroom and run to Janice's side.

Paulie sits at home, watching infomercials on TV. Little Paulie calls from the festival to report on the broken ride. Paulie thinks that the ride's owner should handle it. Little Paulie says that the cops are there talking to the owner, but that a lady broke her wrist and some kid lost some teeth. Paulie doesn't see why it's his problem. Little Paulie thought that he would want to know, but Paulie says that he has to get up early for his biopsy. But not so early that he can't continue watching his infomercial after he hangs up.

It's the Soprano family dinner. The Sopranos, the Bacalas, and the Moltisantis sit around the table chowing down. Janice is going on and on about the trauma she and her baby suffered. Tony thinks that they should all be happy things turned out all right, but Janice hasn't had enough of the drama: "My baby could have been killed, Tony." Well, that's the risk you take when you go on a ride that gets packed up and carted away by unskilled workers at the end of the week. Kelli comments that the locals will probably be filing lawsuits, and Christopher makes a racist comment about muchos pesos. Carmela gives Christopher a sharp look, and Janice starts rubbing her neck, like she just remembered that she got whiplash and maybe she should sue. Tony looks at her: "Leave it alone, Janice." Heh. I loved that he knew exactly what she was up to before she said a word. Meadow the maybe lawyer/maybe doctor says that there was negligence, so the people are entitled to damages. Tony also makes a racist comment about Hispanic people being lazy, and AJ thinks that it's hilarious. Janice isn't getting enough attention so again she brings up that Nica could have been injured. That seems to remind her that Nica is sitting right there, and Janice starts actually paying attention to her child. Christopher and Kelli share a fond look. Bobby says that he should have beat up the ride operator, but Janice takes the opportunity to point out that he did nothing, and gives Bobby a look of disgust. Kelli compliments the wine, which both she (pregnant) and Christopher (alcoholic) are drinking. Nice. I mean, I know some doctors say that pregnant ladies can have a glass now and then, but has Kelli even been to the doctor yet? Tony thinks that the wine (like his life) has lost some of its "pop."

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