The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

Melfi goes to see her shrink, Dr. Bogdanovich. She wants to talk about the daughter of the guy she's dating. Melfi makes a reference to Tony, and Dr. Bogdanovich points out that Tony hasn't been in the papers much lately as he pulls out a giant water bottle and takes a pull. Nice character detail. He talks about a colleague who has done a lot of studies about sociopaths and psychotherapy, and has found that "talk therapy, while not only being useless to sociopaths, actually serves to validate them." He continues, "They sharpen their skills as con men on their therapists. Crocodile tears, what have you." He concludes that the sociopaths in therapy had a higher recidivism rate than those who never received therapy at all. Melfi just takes this all in, but she may be considering her interactions with Tony over the years in a new light. I know I am.

Speaking of sociopaths, Tony is headed into the restaurant in Little Italy, carrying a gun. He sneaks up behind Coco and pistol whips him a couple of times. Butchie, who's sitting nearby eating, protests, and Tony points the gun at him and tells him to stand back. Tony sticks the gun in Coco's mouth and says, "My fucking daughter?" Butchie again tries to get Tony to stop, but Tony puts Coco's upper jaw on the bar and then stomps on his back, knocking out most of his teeth. I actually couldn't watch that scene on first viewing, but at least they didn't really show what happened. My imagination might be worse, though. Tony points the gun at Butchie again, who cowers, and then walks out. One of the Spanish busboys just comments, "Get a mop." They don't look shocked at all. The things they must have seen.

Tony heads right from there to a therapy session with AJ, Carmela, and AJ's shrink. Tony's first words in the scene? "Oh, poor you." He really is turning into Livia. I thought Janice was more like her mother, but maybe it's Tony. Tony accuses AJ of being a mama's boy. AJ brings up how Carmela called him an animal when she caught him smoking pot at his confirmation. Oh, come on. He deserved that. AJ snots, "Did it ever occur to you that I might be self-medicating?" then he reaches way back and says that Carmela made him wear a dorky raincoat in second grade, and he got beat up. Why isn't the shrink pointing out how stupid AJ is being? He didn't try to kill himself because his mother yelled at him once or because of his elementary school sartorial choices. Tony gets distracted when he notices something caught in the cuff of his pants; it's one of Coco's teeth. Nice symbol of his two lives intersecting. The shrink suggests that AJ tell them what Livia said to him. He reveals how Livia told him that life is all a big nothing: "In the end, your friends and family let you down and that you die in your own arms." Tony says that sounds like her. AJ tries to impress upon them how much it affected him, and also manages to get in a dig at Carmela for making him visit her, when actually it was Big Pussy who suggested the visit.

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