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A restaurant, probably not the same one as before. Carmela and Tony walk in, Carmela wearing that pinched look she gets, but the maître d' kisses her hand and she brightens up a bit. At the table, Tony swirls his wine and observes, "Y'know, sometimes, life is good." "Life is often good," Carmela says flatly, not looking at him. Then she comments that he's perked up a bit in the last couple of days; he mulls this over, evidently trying to decide whether to tell her about the Prozac, and tells her that there's something he's "gotta confess." She moves her wineglass over and braces herself. "What are you doing?" She says she's getting her wine "in position to throw in your damn face" -- she thinks he's going to admit to still sleeping with the girlfriend. After some more snarling, he says, "I'm on Prozac," and tells her about seeing a therapist, and Carmela says "oh my god" a bunch of times and tells him how great and wonderful and gutsy she thinks it is while Tony stares at her in disbelief and tells her to "take it easy."

Carmela continues to babble about how thrilled this makes her, but she can't resist adding that "psychology doesn't address the soul, that's something else, but this, this is a start, this is something, okay, I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now." Yeah, you do that. Tony tells her in a threatening tone that she's the only one who knows, and he's only telling her because she's his wife, and she's the only person he's totally honest with. "Oh, please," Carmela snorts, but Tony repeats that he's serious; anyone finds out and he'll get killed. The waiter arrives and they settle down momentarily, but when he leaves, Carmela says she didn't know Tony was so unhappy. "I don't know," Tony sighs, and says that between his mother -- Carmela interrupts to ask if Tony "told him about" his father. Tony doesn't know who she's talking about, but when it becomes clear that Carmela thinks his therapist is a man, Tony doesn't correct her; he also lies and says that he told Melfi about his father. "But your mother is the one," Carmela says emphatically, staring at Tony with her eyes all bright as though she's gratified to learn that he's as miserable as she is. Tony says that lately he feels like his life is out of balance. "Existence on this earth is a puzzle," Carmela says. "My own daughter hates me." "She doesn't hate you, Carm," Tony laughs. "We were best friends!" "Mothers and their daughters -- she'll come back to ya," Tony says. Carmela frowns.

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