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Back to Tony, saying that that "shit" will "all blow over." Melfi asks whether Tony didn't admit to Dr. Cusamano that he'd been feeling depressed. Tony shoots her a look, looks away at her MD diploma from Tufts, then looks back at her and asks, "What part of the boot you from, hon?" Patiently, she answers him. Evidently, their families come from the same part of Italy; Tony grins that his mother "would have loved it if you and I got together." Melfi smiles politely and doesn't respond for a minute. When she does speak, she tells him gently that anxiety attacks constitute legitimate psychiatric emergencies: "Suppose you were driving and you passed out?" Tony interrupts her with a rant about how everybody goes to counselors and on talk shows to talk about their problems; he wants to know whatever happened to Gary Cooper, "the strong, silent type -- that was an American," Gary Cooper didn't get in touch with his feelings, "he just did what he had to do," on and on, winding up with "dysfunction this and dysfunction that and dysfunction va fa culo [basically, 'up the ass']!" Melfi is taken aback, but confines herself to "you have strong feelings about this." Tony goes on some more about how he "gets" therapy theoretically ("I have a semester and a half of college"), and yeah, he could be happier ("who couldn't?"), but he still doesn't truck with psychotherapy. Melfi, flatly: "Do you feel depressed?" No response. She asks again. Tony, reluctantly: "Since the ducks left. I guess." "The ducks that preceded your losing consciousness. Let's talk about them," Melfi murmurs, pleased to have made a breakthrough. Not so fast -- Tony glares at her, breathing heavily, then gets up and stalks out of the room. Melfi folds her hands behind her head.

Out on a random lot in the Electrical Fields, Big Pussy chides Christopher for whacking Kolar and pissing Tony off, and for not waiting for Pussy, as they haul Kolar's body from a truck towards a huge dumpster, which happens to have "KOLAR" written in giant letters on the side. "Last time I show any fucking initiative," Christopher gasps as they drop the body, and he continues grousing about how Tony is "running down" the garbage business and Christopher killed the guy for nothing, blah blah, and Pussy says Tony isn't running it down, "it's just getting harder in New York." They begin swinging the body in preparation for shot-putting it into the dumpster, but they don't heave it up high enough and it clangs into the side of the dumpster, and Pussy calls the situation "fucked up," because the uncle will find Emil in one of his own dumpsters and know what happened. Christopher's comeback to this: "Lewis Brasi sleeps with the fishes." Snerk. Pussy rolls his eyes and corrects him, "Luca Brasi. Luca," and Christopher snaps, "Whatever," and Pussy patiently points out that "there's differences, Christopher -- between the Luca Brasi situation and this," not the least of which is that "the Luca Brasi situation" is in A MOVIE, but Pussy goes on to say that, if the body gets found, the Kolars will get into their business and the cops will have to look for a murderer, which isn't ideal. Christopher sulkily asks what Pussy would suggest. Pussy suggests that Kolar "disappears . . . they know, but they don't know." They pick up the body and start dragging it back to the truck so that they can take it to Staten Island "and cut 'im up." As they drag, Christopher brings up Tony "collapsing at the birthday" and asks what Pussy would do if Tony were "disabled." Whooomp! The body goes back in the truck as Pussy says, "Why would you even ask that?"

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