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The softer side of snakes

Tony is laid out on the bed, absently watching an old movie and munching on birthday cake. Carmela enters in a completely different matching robe and pajama set than the one she had last week, and Tony remarks that the ring looks good on her. She agrees, but looks pensive when she asks, "Tony, is there anything you need to tell me? You didn't buy that little sports car you were talking about." She seems really worried that the ring might be stolen, which I don't understand, because how is it any better if he paid for it with money he also probably stole? Carmela climbs into bed, and Tony feeds her a bit of the cake. Before the kissing can commence once again, the phone rings. It's Rosalie, and they banter a bit about kids and bedtimes, and then Tony hangs up. Carmela is "not thrilled" with Meadow and Little Lord Fuckpants' budding relationship, but Tony feels that the kid is from "good stock." "I just never pictured Meadow with someone like him," replies Carmela, and Tony is instantly offended. "Someone like him? He's one of us. Don't tell me you were happier when she was going out with Jamal Ginsberg, the Chasidic Homeboy." I'll defer dissection of the racial implications here to the forums, and instead just ponder if Tony and Carmela were anything like Meadow and Jackie Jr. when they started dating. I smell a flashback episode, and that's not just because I've already seen this week's promos. They talk some more, during which Tony refers to the entire contents of MOMA as "pictures of soup cans." (Note the gratuitous usage of the trendy acronym to demonstrate that I do know my way around east of the Hudson. Also note the laughter of real New Yorkers at that statement.) Tony finally agrees to have a talk with Jackie Jr., and then they go to bed.

Michael Imperioli: I don't know…I thought it was pretty funny myself. "Chasidic Homeboy." Heh.
David Chase: Uh, what are you doing in here?
Michael Imperioli: This is the writer's lounge. I work here. I even carry a badge. See?
David Chase: Whatever. Just don't touch any of my scripts. I haven't finished changing the names to protect the innocent yet.
Michael Imperioli: You should let me help with that. I'm great with nicknames. I mean, what kind of a dork-ass name is "Aaron Arkaway," anyway?
David Chase: Yeah, but you gotta admit, Aaron is a something of a dork-ass himself.
Michael Imperioli: Good point.

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