The Test Dream

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T Didn't Start The Fire

Once he's alone again, Tony heads for the window and looks outside. Then he climbs back into bed and picks up the phone. Instead of pranking Charmaine again, though, this time he's calling Carmela. "Don't get alarmed," he tells her. "I just gotta cancel the fishing trip. Tell AJ." Ahh, there we go. Finally! You know, it's just not The Sopranos if they don't mention fish. They're both too sleepy to hang up, so they just lie there in silence for a moment. Then he tells her that he had another "Coach Molinaro" dream. "Oh yeah?" she replies. "Were you unprepared as usual?" Heh. Carmela is sort of curious to know whatever became of the coach, and she also points out that he really took an interest in Tony. "Yeah, but a lot of that was bullshit," he claims. "Just his way of keeping me from causing trouble, to make his life easier." If I could link back to the earlier pages of this recap, I'd point out all the other revisionist history that's been going on tonight. But I can't, so instead I'll just report that Tony says that he told Coach in the dream that he was sort of a coach himself now. "Yeah, that's a way of looking at it, I suppose," answers Carmela. Hee! "Is it daylight where you are?" he asks, staring out the window. Carmela cranes one eye open, and reveals that it's not. Then she asks where he is, which is probably precisely what Tony was hoping for. "Looking out at Central Park," he says. "All the lights are on." He starts to tell her about her own role in the dream, but stops short just before he gets to the horse/whores part. "Is Artie all right?" he asks. "Because in the dream he was the only alive guy in this car full of dead guys." Sigh. Hope springs eternal, I guess. Carmela tells him that she ate at Vesuvio the previous night, and Tony is quite happy to hear that she was only dining with Rosalie and Mrs. Little Stevie. He also hears a dog barking in the distance, and asks if it's "Esterhaz" or not. "It's 5:30 in the morning," he complains. "Someone ought to serve him some veal. À la strychnine." Carmela laughs, because she's too tired to realize that her husband just threatened an animal, which is highly out of character, to say the least. "I'm serious," he insists, as the screen fades finally to black. "Is it light where you are yet?"

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