The Weight

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The Weight

Casa del Furio. The housewarming party is well underway, and Carmela and the other wives are upstairs snooping around the place. Mrs. Little Stevie even goes so far as to check under the blankets on Furio's bed. Carmela's pleasant smile fades a bit, however, when she spots a photo of Furio standing beside a still smoking-hot Annalisa. Aww, now I'm nostalgic. That was one of my first ever Sopranos recaps. Downstairs, Meadow is admiring Furio's CD collection, solely to set up the episode's final scene, and AJ is bitching about how bored he is. Bobby Bacala apologetically informs Furio that he has to leave, because his presence is required in No-Really-Next-Week-You-Get-To-Be-Evil-And-Everything-Land. Outside, however, AJ is busy locking Bobby's kid in the garage. Heh. It's good to know there's someone dumber than AJ in the world.

Back inside, the menfolk are all gathered in one corner discussing business, while the women and children are on the other side of the room. Well, some of the women, at any rate. Adriana is quite conspicuously absent, without any explanation. Furio attempts to persuade Mrs. Little Stevie to dance, but she demurs. When Meadow similarly fails to convince Tony to dance with her, Furio ends up with Meadow on one arm and Carmela on the other. An Italian song starts playing, and Furio tries to teach the girls a dance which bears a suspicious resemblance to a Sicilian version of the Achy Breaky. Meadow quickly gives up, calling herself "such a spaz" (no argument here), and Furio finds himself dancing alone with Carmela. Tony, when he can be bothered to look up from talking about work with Silvio, encourages her to enjoy the dance, and she certainly does. Fade to black.

Fade up on Melfi, back in Boggie's office. She completely ignores doctor/patient confidentiality by comparing her problems with Jason to Tony's problems with Meadow. It seems that this is now the only way they can integrate her into the rest of the show's plotlines, which is kind of sad. Anyway, a brief Boggie non sequitur later, she returns to the subject of the rape, blaming herself for going down into the garage late at night. This, of course, allows Boggie to tell the story of his encounter with Tony, whom he describes as a "big, Bluto sort of guy." He also absolves himself of any blame in the situation, and claims that he was afraid that the guy was going to get to physical with him. "What are you getting at?" asks Melfi. "Parking garages are not inherently dangerous places," he replies. "If this guy had dragged me out of my car and beaten me up, would I be saying, 'Gee, I shouldn't have been trying to park my car'?" It's sound advice, but then he ruins it with a meta-statement about the season thus far: "Anyway, enough about him."

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