The Weight

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The Weight

Columbia. Meadow is in her dorm room, listening to a young woman describe how her brother was beaten with sticks after being accused of "a crime of severe immorality" for having a photo of Britney Spears in his possession. Heh. Of course, I still liked this scene better on Six Feet Under, when the girl's father set her on fire. But I'm cruel like that. Suddenly Tony wanders past, and Meadow jumps up to greet him. He's carrying a box of Krispy Kremes, whose product placement I'm perfectly willing to accept, because they're just so damn tasty. Mmm, forbidden donut. After exchanging pleasantries for a moment, the girl with the Britney-loving brother gets up to depart. Meadow and Dad share an awkward but conciliatory silence, and then he asks about her new job with the law center, and why she changed her mind about being a pediatrician. Meadow claims she was just considering her career options. A few mildly bigoted statements later, Tony observes that Meadow just "wants to help people. That's…that's very noble." "Just don't be a sucker," he warns her. "A lot of these people, these indigenous types, they got plenty of money to smoke crack, and gamble, and all that shit." Aww yeah! That one gets double bonus points for not only being a malapropism, but also for being subtly racist, which means it fits Tony to a T. It also sounds suspiciously like the plans for my upcoming trip to Vegas, but that's a different story. "You would know," replies Meadow sweetly, and Tony thinks she's volunteering to help minorities because of the way he treated Noah. Except I think he said "Noel" instead, especially because he pronounced it "Knoll." I, on the other hand, assumed it was because she figured he sold them the crack and provided a place for them to gamble. Either way, it's clear they've reached the point where she's able to sass him about these things in a way that doesn't lead to screaming, tearful, bitter recriminations, or endless repetition of the phrase "Shut up, Meadow." They decide to head off to the bookstore, so that Tony can buy her "a sweatshirt, or something."

Later, in a campus parking garage, Tony is walking back to his Suburban when another car comes around the corner behind him. The previews for this week, which were obviously cut by the crew over at The WB, tried to make this development seem quite sinister, so I was anxious to find out who was driving. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be Boggie. The man may be many things, but sinister will never be one of them. He follows closely behind Tony, presumably so that he can grab the ensuing empty parking space, but Tony takes offense to his tailgating behavior. Boggie tries to wave it off, and Tony fixes him with a menacing glare before turning around to continue walking. And yeah, Boggie was rude to be driving up the guy's ass like that, but still, would it have killed Tony to move out of the center of the lane?

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