To Save Us All From Satan's Power

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Ho ho ho and a barrel of fun

Cut to AJ cruising the hallways on his brand new scooter. Well, that answers that question, at least. Jackie makes his excuses for leaving, and Meadow walks him over to the door for a goodbye kiss. Meanwhile, Tony hands Carmela her gift, and they start kissing as well. AJ is practically beaming with familial joy as he watches the happy couples. With the Little Lord gone, Carmela finally opens her gift, cracking a huge smile when she sees the label on the box. She pulls out the sapphire necklace, and she and Meadow gush about how beautiful it is. Then Meadow pulls out yet another gift and hands it to Tony, saying, "This is gonna seem really stupid after that, but Dad, this is for you." Tony didn't think she was going to get him anything, and seems genuinely touched by the gift. Until he opens it, that is, and discovers his old nemesis, Big Mouth Billy Bass. "Oh! Those are good!" exclaims AJ, and Meadow proceeds to pull it out of the box for a demonstration. "Now I know I give you a lot of stuff, Dad," she tells him, "and I don't know what you do with it, but I want to see this over your desk." Billy breaks into his big number, cracking up everyone but Tony, who looks like he just got hit by a truck. Fade to long shot of the crashing ocean waves, and that's it for this one.

Kris Kringle: 'Twas eight months before Christmas, and all through the flashback, nary a plot-line was stirring, so HBO owes me some cash back.
David Chase: The rats were all dumped in the ocean with care, "witness protection" never seemed so unfair.
Kris Kringle: The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Cerbone danced in their heads.
David Chase: And Carm in her sapphires and T in his robe, had Melfi examine his parietal lobe.
Kris Kringle: Now, Pussy! Now, Paulie! Now, Junior and Bobby! On, Silvio! On, Furio! On, Fuckpants and Melfi!
David Chase: And I heard them exclaim, as the season wound down, "Merry Fuckin' Christmas to all, and to all get out. Now."

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