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Meet Richie Aprile

Adriana drops off "Uncle Rich." She asks if he's okay. He says he wants to walk, to see if he runs into any of the "old crowd." He gets out of the car, and Adriana drives off. Enter Richie Aprile. He's going to be fun. He sees a corner store and starts cursing. He walks over to it. The neighborhood is bad.

Carmela gets into bed and tells Tony there have to be consequences for Meadow's actions. She asks what kind of parents they'd be if they let her get away with it. "Typical?" Tony jokes. Carmela says that plenty of parents are strict these days, and they need to send a message to Meadow that she can't behave like this. Carm says she can't wait for Meadow to go off to college. Tony says that's when Carm will get empty nest syndrome and have to go on Wellbutrin like her sister. Carm says it sucks to be a parent these days. If they take away her credit card, then they have to drive her everywhere. If they ground her, then they have to stay home and watch her. Tony says if they throw her out, then Child Protective Services would just bring her back because she's not eighteen yet. Carmela doesn't think this is funny, and asks Tony if he'd really throw her out. Tony says with the laws today, you can't even restrain your own kid because she'd sue for child abuse. They agree that there will be consequences. Tony says, "Let's just not overplay our hand because if she finds out we're powerless, we're fucked." It's such a great moment, watching Tony treat Meadow like Uncle Junior.

Back at the corner store. It's some kind of restaurant. Beansie, the manager, is doing managerial things, and one of the waiters comes over and points at a corner of the store. The manager looks, gets nervous, and walks over. Richie's sitting at a table. The way they always make Richie look skinny and weak is genius. They put him in horrible clothes and make him do sissy things like hold a Styrofoam cup of coffee at a funny angle at the table so he looks so defenseless. It's quite brilliant. He's so full of potential energy. Beansie immediately starts talking to Richie, saying it's good to see him, asking when he got out of prison. Richie says that Paulie told him he ran into the guy earlier. The manager is instantly all, "Honest to God. Nobody said a word." Richie tells him to shut up. The guy sits down. Richie says he did a lot of meditation in prison about things. He says that he didn't hear from him for ten years in prison. Beansie says he always asked how he was doing. Beansie starts bitching at his waiter for not giving Richie a full cup of fresh coffee. Richie says it's fine. Beansie sends the kid off to bring Richie a parm sandwich. The kid puts down his pot of coffee and runs off. Richie asks if the other two stores are doing as well as this one. Beansie says that he knows Richie's made, so he loses either way, and that he always respected both him and his brother Jackie, but he won't be shaken down. Richie tells Beansie that "sucking up to Tony Soprano" has done wonders for him: "I go away for a while, I come back, you're a tough guy." Beansie asks Richie not to do anything. Richie says he's only trying to take what's his. He says he gave Beansie everything he has. He says "fuck you" to the sandwich and says he'll be back every Saturday. Beansie asks what he did, and says this isn't right. He says he's not going to back down, he's going to step up. Richie takes a breath, grabs the coffeepot, and slams it into Beansie's head. Beansie hits the ground, and Richie gets on top of him. He punches the shit out of Beansie over and over again, asking him if he's really not going to back down. It's that first moment that we see just how violent Richie can be, and it's done very well.

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