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Soprano house. Tony and Carmela sit at the breakfast bar, drinking coffee. Tony tells Carmela to wake Meadow up so they can take care of this before Tony has to go to work. Janice walks in and says they should let Meadow sleep. She says that they're making to big of a deal out of this Meadow thing. Carmela says they aren't making a big enough deal, since Meadow was drunk. Janice says that Meadow could have done much worse. She says, "There's a Zuni saying. 'For every twenty wrongs a child does, ignore nineteen.'" Tony: "There's an old Italian saying, 'You fuck up once, you lose two teeth.'" Janice says this is all about ego and control. She says that they want to control a young woman who only wants to be independent. Tony tells her to go get a perm. "I'm trying to watch TV!" AJ shouts from the other room.

Meadow waddles in, and Carmela starts asking for answers. "Yeah, that's right," Tony adds. Heh. Meadow doesn't say anything and keeps pouring her cereal, so Carmela says she's punished. "For what? I didn't do anything!" Meadow screams. Tony says that what Meadow did to Livia's house isn't nothing. Meadow says it wasn't her fault. Hunter told a bunch of people, and they brought people. And some guy named Steve brought some kid named Adam who's bad news. Tony says that Hunter's over at her own house, blaming things on Meadow. Meadow screams that they've been under lots of pressure lately, trying to get into college, and they've been working hard and they deserved a night. I tried this once with my parents, and it just got me more grounded so I could spend more time at home studying so I didn't feel the pressure of balancing school life and social life. Tony tells Meadow to calm down. Carmela says there's still no excuse. Tony asks who had the Ecstasy. Meadow says some guy named Adam who is a friend of Steve's. Carmela asks if this is the same Steve that Meadow always hangs out with. Meadow says she doesn't see Steve anymore. Carmela asks when this happened. Meadow looks down and says, "It's painful to talk about, okay?" Heh. Meadow says she knows what she did was "not okay," and she thought about it and she thinks they should take away her Discover card. Carmela: "You better believe it." Tony: "That's right." Meadow: "For two weeks." Tony: "Three." Meadow pouts and goes back to her food. She asks how she buys gas. Tony says she can use her allowance. Meadow says she already spent her allowance and she owes Carmela money. Carm says, "The, uh, pashmina?" She tells Meadow they can wait on that. Tony says they'll give her ten dollars cash every week until she gets her card back. Meadow walks out of the room, and only we can see her smile.

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