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Meet Richie Aprile

Close-up on Jennifer. "Toodle-fucking-oo?" She says she couldn't sleep all night, she was so embarrassed. Peter Bogdanovich is telling Jennifer that "toodle-oo" isn't such a bad thing to say. She says that's not how she talks to her patients. He says that she was being "Jennifer" at that point, and not Dr. Melfi. He asks what she saw at that table that made her want to hide the doctor side of her. She says she was hiding from a patient that she never wanted to see again. He asks if she means professionally. He says that might be why she acted like Jennifer and not a doctor. Jennifer thinks saying "toodle-oo" was her regressing into being a young girl to escape responsibility for abandoning a patient. She says she needs him to tell her that she did the right thing. He asks why she became a doctor. She says she lost a patient because of this man, and that she had to go "on the lam." Peter Bogdanovich says that treating patients from a hotel room might not have been the optimal situation here, but at least she didn't leave all of her patients. He then asks her if she really just said "lam."

Janice is at a yoga class. As she does her downward dog, she spots Richie at the back of her class. Man, poor Aida Turturro. It's bad enough to be filmed in a leotard-type thing, but to go from downward dog to cobra pose? You might as well just have a camera strapped between your thighs as you run after the ice cream truck. That lady's got a lot of balls, and I respect her for it. Richie is watching Janice. Janice turns back and meets his gaze. She turns back around and looks concerned.

After the class, Janice walks up to Richie. She tells him that her name is now Parvati. He says he thought she lived in California. She corrects him, saying she lives in Seattle. She asks how long he's been out of jail. He says one week. He tells her that's where he picked up yoga. She says he looks very "supple." Supple and "sinew." All these adjectives to try to tell Richie that he looks good, when they don't think he looks good in the first place. She tells Richie that Livia's in a hospital from a stroke. He says that Tony didn't mention anything. Janice sort of snorts and then leaves.

Tony has Richie meet him at The Sharper Image in a mall. Richie is bitching because some kid spilled fried rice on him in the food court. Tony tells him to calm down. Richie complains about the other day, and Tony says he doesn't talk business with anyone. That's why they're meeting in a mall. Richie says it was disrespectful. They chat about old times for a while. Tony tells him that Richie will be taken care of, but these things take time. Richie has this thing where he looks at the mouth of the person that's talking to him, and not the eyes. It's very disconcerting and, I assume, incredibly frustrating for the person talking. Maybe he's got a hearing problem and reads lips. Richie says that what is his shouldn't be "given" to him. Tony calls him a prick.

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