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Tony and Carmela are in the kitchen. Tony's bitching about the tofu in the fridge. Meadow says she's happy that Janice is staying. Tony reminds Meadow that Janice thinks she wasn't punished enough for the house party. "That party wasn't my fault! How many fucking times do I have to say it?" Carmela and Tony "Hey" and "Oh!" a few times until Meadow just stares at them. She pouts into her food. "Don't look like you're gonna cry," Carmela scolds. Meadow says she needs fifteen dollars for a Cole Porter CD for her choir. She can't buy it without her card. Tony gives her the cash. Meadow pouts, and Tony asks what her problem is. Meadow pouts off. Tony bitches at Carmela for convincing Janice to stay. He says that he's been taking care of Livia for the past twenty years. AJ says he thought they weren't supposed to mention Livia anymore. Tony just stares at AJ for a while as Carmela goes on about how it's not Christian to kick Janice out. Tony points out that Janice is a Buddhist. Janice beams about Richie bringing the flowers by Livia's room. Tony takes off.

Tony drives through the rain. He starts having a panic attack as "You're Out of the Woods" from The Wizard of Oz starts playing. He's wheezing, and he grabs his Prozac. He opens the bottle just as he passes out, and we hear an eighteen-wheeler collide with his car. More Wizard of Oz music plays as we pan across. Jennifer pulls up in her car and sees Tony dead on the hood of his car.

Jennifer wakes up and grabs her dream journal. She writes down what she just saw, underlining the word "Prozac" four times.

Beansie's mom is crying as we see him in full traction. His wife, who is still living in 1972, bitches that he's scaring his mother. He tells her to shut up. Tony comes in and jokes that Beansie should be able to pick up the BBC on that thing. The nurse tries to kick Tony out, but Beansie says that Tony can stay. He tells Tony that he might not walk again. The mom and Beansie's wife walk away. Beansie's wife poorly acts a few lines about the mob, but they're easy to ignore. Tony sits down and says that doctors don't know anything about spinal injuries. He says one of Paulie's cousins is fine now after getting run over by a forklift. Beansie starts crying, and Tony holds a handkerchief up to his nose. Beansie blows his nose. Beansie says he might not be able to wipe his own ass some day. Tony says the nose is as far as he's willing to go. They laugh. Tony asks if Beansie's totally sure it was Richie driving the car. Beansie says it's a good thing he's not a rat, because that was no hit-and-run. Tony says that they're old school and they wash their own dirty laundry. Beansie agrees. Tony nods and blinks. Beansie asks if Tony went to see his mother upstairs. Tony says he came to see Beansie, not his mother.

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