Two Tonys

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A Little Less Conversation...

Cut to sad Tony, driving in his car. You can tell he's really sad this time because there's no subtextually relevant song playing on the radio.

And finally, we return to Das Sopranohaus one last time. Tony comes home again to find Carmela in the kitchen, and Vinnie Delpino shirking his Care Bear duties to make a call to his girlfriend. When Vinnie finally does emerge into kitchen, Tony offers to take the Winnie Watch, and sends Vinnie off to do whatever it is that thirty-five-year-old guys who still look like they're sixteen like to do on a weekday night. Carmela watches silently as Tony picks up the AK-47 and heads outside. She does, however, follow him out to offer him coffee once again, which he declines. Tony makes himself comfortable out on the patio, and lights up a cigar as he settles in for the night. And when you think about it, this is probably precisely the way both of them want it. There's no love, and no passion, but it's comfortable, and it's familiar, and really, it's all they both know. And so the jaunty country music kicks in again, and Tony leans back in his chair, and the fifth-season premiere ends on an iconic image of Tony, with a cigar in his mouth and a machine gun in his hand, guarding the past and staring into the darkness of his future.

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