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Walk On The Wide Side

And lastly, we wrap things up back at Das Sopranohaus. Carmela returns home to find Tony's car in the driveway, and Tony himself lazing around in the pool. Deciding to ignore him, she heads up to the bedroom, where she answers a call from Meadow. "Mom! I'm engaged," gushes the daughter. "What?" replies Mom. "Are you sure? I mean...this is wonderful, honey, I'm just so surprised." And on the second viewing, she also appears to be a lot less enthusiastic than I originally had thought. Not so much because she doesn't like Finn, or thinks they're making a mistake, but mostly just because she's so soured on the idea of marriage at this point that she'd think even Ross and Rachel's wedding would be a bad idea. She continues to chatter to Meadow about their school plans and the engagement party, but all the while she's watching Tony through the window. Meadow tells her that Finn is using his graduation money to buy the ring, and that actually starts Carmela crying, which is why I initially thought she was happy. It's the romantic gesture that gets her, not the thought of the inevitable messy divorce. And as Meadow glows, and Carmela cries, and Tony splashes himself in the pool, we fade to black on one of the best episodes this show has ever had.

Just in case that's not enough for you, by the way, the closing credits play on both the Meadow and Finn story and the prominent role the construction site had in this episode by featuring the song "If I Was a Carpenter." I think we can all hear Christopher singing "...and you were a douchebag," right? Yeah. See you next week.

Oh, and one more thing: Shut up, Meadow.

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