Unidentified Black Males

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Walk On The Wide Side

Finn and Meadow are at their apartment. Oy. I can already tell this is going to be a tough episode. It's fifty-six commercial-free minutes long, and at least thirty of those minutes are filled with either Meadow and Finn or Tony and Melfi, neither of which ever makes for easy recapping. In other words, shut up Meadow. Finn is all upset because his parents won't offer him any "economic relief," and yet he still hasn't bothered to, oh, I don't know, GET A JOB, because "in this economy...even the crappiest McJobs aren't there." Besides, he "wouldn't want to take away a job a minority could have," which is so perfectly liberal and patronizing that it totally deserves a place in the Accurate College Student Dialogue Hall of Fame, assuming such an institution actually exists. The crappy wall-unit air conditioner Finn and Meadow have starts grinding and hissing, but they can't open a window because "the garbage [outside] reeks." Finn, ever the olfactory genius, opens one anyway. He also bitches about life in the big city, and off-handedly suggests that Meadow could go back to New Jersey and "sleep in comfort." "Is that what you want?" asks Meadow. You know, it's still early in the episode, but I can already tell that Finn is just as clueless about romance as Tony is. He then wonders aloud if he maybe shouldn't go back home to California and get a job working as an assistant to some guy he knows who takes photographs for magazine ads. "Is that what you want?" asks Meadow. Sigh. Finn says no, but does allow that working with "models" might be "interesting." Un huh. He also thinks he could make a career in photography, because the pictures he won a prize for in high school were once described as "solidly unsentimental." And he thinks that was a compliment? For her part, Meadow can't believe that Finn's blowing off "dental school" to be a photographer when he complains every time she asks him to take a picture of her and her friends. Yeah, well, I'd complain too if I kept being asked to immortalize the visage of Hunter Scangarelo. There's some discussion about the possibility of her transferring to UCLA and moving to California with him, but I think we all know that's not going to happen, because it's totally Meadow who wears the pants in this relationship. And also the shirts, and the socks, and the shoes, and the hats, and the jackets, and even the watches and most of the jewelry. Realizing that nothing is going to be resolved, Finn suggests that they catch a late movie, mostly for the air conditioning. But then they can't decide what to see, and argue about it for like ten billion years, and I honestly can't believe I'm still recapping this scene. Shut up, Meadow.

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