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Girls, Interrupted

Pants returns to the back room and makes a break for the bar, sticking his hand into an ice bucket. The others quickly notice the blood he's splattered with. He tells them that Tracee "slipped," and everyone heads out back to look. When they find the body, Tony is furious, and immediately dispatches Paulie back inside to fetch Pants. Despite Tony's obvious fury, Joey sticks with the "she was a klutz" defense. Tony tells him that his lack of respect for places like the Bing is what cost him the captaincy, and then starts beating the crap out of him before the boys can pull him off. Pants screams that he's a made guy, and that Tony can't hit him, but T just doesn't care. They send Pants away, and Tony stands over Tracee's body, looking remorseful. "Twenty years old, this girl," he says, shaking his head. Finally they pull him away, and the boys set about removing the body.

At the real Columbia library, Noah says he and Meadow need to talk. Ruh roh. He thinks they've been seeing too much of each other, primarily because Meadow is so "negative" all the time. She's a little bit shocked by the fact that he's dumping her, and even more shocked when he blames it on her "underlying cynicism." He finishes his little speech, and then goes right back to studying, leaving them in an awkward silence.

"So, things are better then?" asks Melfi. Carmela admits that she and Tony have been talking more lately, but Tony just sits silently beside her. "Sometimes, even the most painful sessions can break the log-jam," pontificates Melfi, and I'm forced to wonder just what her obsession with logs is all about. "Yes, and then there's this," says Carmela, indicating Tony, who's sitting there like, well, a bump on a log. Tony finally shares that "a young man who worked for us" just died, and it's affecting him. He terms it a "work-related death," which it sort of was, and feels that "it's sad when they go so young." You can totally see him thinking about Meadow in this scene.

Das Sopranohaus again. And hey, we have a robe sighting! Counting last week, our StR now tops out at 6,261 seconds. I still gave this episode an A, but that may just be the strippers talking. Meadow stalks into the kitchen and starts rattling cabinets and drawers, looking for something to eat. When she can't find anything she likes, she stalks right back out again, ignoring both Tony and Carmela. I guess she didn't feel like a Snapple.

And then it's back to the Bing for one last time. Man-Babs the stripper discusses Tracee's fate, and despite my reservations about having anyone even remotely resembling Barbra Streisand associated with this recap, I have to admit she's at least a decent actress. At the bar, Bouncer Bob is breaking in the new girl by explaining his blowjob rule. As the girls head out on stage, the Kinks song starts up again, and we fade to black.

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