Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man
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The episode begins with a shot of Tony waking up from a long night's sleep, like a bear waking up from hibernation. It's light out, and Carmela and AJ are already awake. Tony lumbers down the stairs in his bathrobe, singing "Comfortably Numb." Speaking of numb, AJ is slumped on the couch, watching cartoons. Carmela offers him some breakfast, and he snaps at her that he's not hungry. Carmela explains that there's such a thing as "comfort food," and that it might make him feel better. If that's her antidote to sad feelings, I don't know how everyone in the family doesn't weigh five hundred pounds. AJ is appalled that Carmela might think she understands the depths of his sorrows. Tony calls AJ "a whiny little bitch." AJ pouts that he has to go to his shitty job, but when Tony rips on it, AJ dramabombs that his fiancée left him, and now his job is all he has. Yeah, besides a place to live, food, two loving parents, all the money he could want, a car, various electronic gadgets, friends. He's practically David Copperfield over here. AJ stomps off and Tony wonders when he's going to snap out of this funk and stop taking it out on his parents. Because Tony would never misdirect his anger! I wonder where AJ learned that trick?

A bunch of cops line up outside a hardware store. The guy inside is selling them power tools for huge discounts. Christopher walks in -- turns out the hardware store owner is his father-in-law, Al. They hug, and Al hands over an envelope of cash and says that Paulie should keep the power tools coming, because they are raking in the dough.

At the Bing, Christopher and Paulie discuss how successful this power tool things has been. Christopher slides over Paulie's share of the take and offers up a toast. Paulie is annoyed that Christopher is toasting with water, and Christopher points out that when he was drinking, they held an intervention for him, but now everyone seems to want him to go back to drinking. Paulie asks, "What about being normal? Is that so fucking hard?" Christopher says that it is, for him. Whoa, this conversation went from zero to pissy in about five seconds. Paulie tries to calm things down by saying, "Don't get cunty. I'm busting your balls." He offers up a truce by asking Christopher to get some dinner, but Christopher poutily turns him down.

Satriale's. Agent Harris and his friend are eating subs. Agent Harris tells Tony that he doesn't like Phil Leotardo, but Tony stays mum on the subject. Tony wonders if he could give them some terror-related information and "bank the resulting good will." Agent Harris offers to write him "a 5K letter" to document Tony's service and cooperation; if there were any trial or whatever in the future, the letter would be taken into consideration by the judge before sentencing. Tony thinks for a minute, and then tells them about the two Muslim guys who used to hang out at the Bing, but then they disappeared, and then Tony saw them hanging out with some more fundamental-looking guys. Harris asks what they were doing, and Tony admits that they were just walking, but that it seemed fishy. Harris asks for a name, and Tony calls Christopher, who tells him that the guys are named Ahmed and Mohammed; he even has a cell phone number and a last name for Ahmed. Tony writes down the info while Christopher worries that they're "going to blow up the chemical plant or some shit." Tony passes the information on to Harris, but neither agent recognizes the name, nor do they seem all that impressed or excited. I'm not one of those viewers who wants every story line to have closure -- I couldn't care less about the Russian or Melfi's rapist, for example -- but I hope this one is leading somewhere, even if it just ends up that Tony is counting on the Feds to help him when he needs it, and they blow him off.

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