Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Tony arrives home late at night, listening to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush on the radio. He hears tires screeching at the end of his driveway, so he reaches into his truck and pulls out a gun. He quickly realizes that it's AJ pulling in, and puts the gun away. Foreshadowing? AJ and Tony head inside, where they find Carmela and Meadow sitting at the kitchen table, snacking. Carmela explains that Rachael Ray was on Leno and they got hungry. Tony sits down and grabs some food. Carmela says that Meadow had "a mystery date" that she won't discuss. Meadow smiles enigmatically. AJ sits down with them and teases Meadow that the mystery is probably that she had a date to begin with. Tony and Carmela exchange a look, pleased that their family seems to be back to normal, not knowing what AJ was up to, or why he's so wired.

Christopher arrives back at his own house, and finds that a small tree next to his front door has fallen over. He bends and straightens the tree up, as if that will make his life come back together, and heads inside.

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