Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Everyone arrives at Christopher and Kelli's house for Sunday dinner, including Tony's sister Barbara and her family, who fascinate me. I know there are only four episodes left, so it can't happen, but I would love to have an entire episode about Barb's family and show all the craziness and mayhem of the Sopranos as filtered through their apparently normal suburban existence. Kelli tells Christopher that she's freaking out, trying to host these people. Christopher heads outside with a giant plate of meat for the grill, and spots Tony and Bobby chatting seriously in the backyard. He asks Tony if he's having a good time, and Tony distractedly says that he is, but his conversation with Bobby seems almost like an argument. Eventually, they walk over, and Tony makes fun of Christopher for drinking nonalcoholic beer. Tony jokes that, if not for today, he'd never see Christopher, but then seriously asks Christopher why he's been "a ghost" lately. Christopher explains that it's hard for him to hang out at the Bing and stay sober, and that Satriale's is the same way. Tony thinks that all Christopher needs to do is "show some balls," like how Tony uses willpower to avoid food that will upset his stomach. Yeah, Tony's Mr. Willpower. Wasn't the previous episode all about Tony's gambling issues as more evidence of his self-destructive behavior? Christopher snaps that he has a disease, but Tony thinks that's bullshit. Christopher brings up his father, Tony's hero, and how he "wasn't much more than a fucking junkie." Did we know this about Dickie before? Is that true? I knew Christopher's mom was a drunk, but I didn't know his father did drugs. Tony doesn't deny it, so I guess there's something to Christopher's accusations.

Al (Kelli's dad) pulls up to his hardware store late at night, where Little Paulie and a friend are helping themselves to some items from his loading dock. Al hops out of his car, gun drawn, ready to shoot first and ask questions later. Little Paulie reminds Al that they know each other because Paulie is his uncle. Little Paulie puts on a big show about how Paulie was supposed to call Al and set this whole thing up. Al puts the gun away and wonders, if what Little Paulie is saying is true, why they broke into the store, since he has a silent alarm that goes right to his house. Al says that he's going to call Christopher just to make sure this is legit, and Little Paulie says that's fine with him, but that Al might be making a bigger deal out of this than he needs to. By the time Little Paulie gets done weaving his web of bullshit, his partner has finished loading the truck and they're ready to take off.

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