Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Christopher attends an AA meeting. He gets up to share, and talks about how not being able to socialize is affecting his income. He thinks his boss resents his sobriety. Another guy, who works in sales, says that his work was the same; everyone was on board for his intervention, but now he skips a golf outing and he's ostracized. Christopher thinks his boss is an enabler, but would also judge him if he did take a drink. Christopher has a lot of anger bottled up; I don't know what will happen when it all comes out.

AJ sits at home in the dark, watching TV some more. Tony walks in and sits down. He gets AJ to stop flipping channels so that they can watch a John Wayne movie -- an interesting commentary on the fact that Tony has been trying to get AJ to man up for a while now, and John Wayne is probably Tony's ideal man. Tony oh-so-casually asks if the Jasons called and invited AJ to a party. AJ admits that they called, but says he didn't call back because he doesn't want to go. Tony jokes that AJ hates beer, strippers, and fucking around with guys his own age. Tony gets serious and says that he knows AJ doesn't want to do anything, like eat or talk, but that AJ is going to the party. AJ realizes that his father is serious, and unhappily agrees to go.

Christopher and the sales guy from the meeting sit in a stairwell, smoking and talking about their similar situations. Christopher says, "I have a happy marriage, but there was a woman. She worked with us in a club we had. Anyway, she became a problem to deal with, and I sided with [my boss]. She was out of my life. Okay, fine, but he never appreciated it." There was some question about whether Christopher was talking about Ade or Julianna; I think it was Ade, given the reference to the club, and that he had to make a choice and ended up siding with Tony. As far as we know, Christopher didn't side with Tony against Julianna; he chose sobriety over their relationship. Christopher thinks that the incident poisoned his relationship with Tony. Interesting, because that's probably when Christopher really lost faith in Tony, but I think Tony didn't really lose faith in Christopher until he saw Cleaver. He had doubts before, but I feel like that's where the poison came from on Tony's side.

Al leaves his hardware store. Once he's gone, Little Paulie and his friend (who's also named Jason, which must be the name of the week) walk in and tell an employee named Mike that they're there for the drills. Mike is aware of the backroom deals going on, but hadn't heard about this particular one, probably since there is no deal. Little Paulie fake-calls Al and leaves a fake message about taking the drills. Mike shrugs and lets the two men in back to help themselves.

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