Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

AJ goes to visit a male shrink and talk about Blanca. He admits that he doesn't know what went wrong with his relationship, but even Blanca says that there wasn't a reason. I think that usually means that there wasn't just one reason; she's just not that into you. AJ's theory is that his family has more money, and that might have scared her. I don't think Blanca was the type to fear money, but I'm still pretty mystified about what precipitated the breakup, and maybe that's the point. The shrink asks whether AJ has had suicidal feelings, and AJ admits that he has, and that he's had a lot of trouble sleeping. The shrink asks if anything in life gives him pleasure, and AJ says there isn't. The shrink decides to prescribe Lexapro.

AJ goes to the party at the Bing where Jason P. urges him to get into bookmaking with them. AJ contends that he's terrible at math, but Jason P. thinks he could teach AJ everything he needs to know. AJ and the two Jasons get lapdances; AJ seems totally uninterested in the woman gyrating on his lap.

Little Paulie and some other guys have a poker game at Benny's apartment. Christopher bursts through the door and starts beating the crap out of Little Paulie. No one makes a move to stop him, and Christopher picks Little Paulie up and tosses him out a window to the sidewalk a few floors below. There's the danger of bottling up your anger; you end up tossing dudes out of windows. I hate it when that happens.

Tony's sleeping when Carmela bursts into the bedroom and starts bitching at him for letting AJ go to a party at a strip club. Tony doesn't think it's a big deal, since AJ is nearly twenty-one already, and at least he got out of the house and hung out with people his own age. He assures Carm, "This is the way back, trusts me, and the way back to college." Carmela looks sad and disbelieving.

Christopher sits down with Tony and admits that throwing Little Paulie out the window was stupid. Tony reveals that Little Paulie has six broken vertebrae. While they talk, we see Paulie angrily driving his car onto Christopher's front lawn and doing donuts until the entire lawn and garden are a muddy mess, as Kelli watches fearfully out the window. Christopher insists to Tony that Paulie keeps crossing him, but Tony thinks Christopher could have handled it with a conversation. Christopher reminds Tony that he tried, but that Tony had no time for him. Tony thinks that if Christopher were around more, this would have never happened because, to avoid leaving evidence for future court cases, theirs is a face-to-face business. Tony angrily says that he will talk to Paulie, but that Christopher will be paying Little Paulie's hospital bills. Christopher just nods sadly.

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