Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Tony's riding in his car when he gets a phone call from Christopher, informing him that Paulie destroyed his lawn and terrorized his wife and daughter. Tony tells him to relax, and Christopher promises, "I am fucking relaxed. I'm not gonna do nothing, because I love you, because I'm committed to my work, I ain't gonna do shit. I'm gonna sit tight and hold my tongue and not cause no problems for you." The camera swirls around Christopher showing the destruction of his lawn, perhaps representing the nice life he's trying to build for himself that keeps getting fucked up by his Family. I really thought this was going to send Christopher off the deep end.

AJ goes with the two Jasons to a frat party. The Jasons greet a kid named Victor, who owes them money. Jason G. introduces Victor to AJ, calling him "Tony Soprano Jr." Victor recognizes the name and looks scared. AJ doesn't protest the use of his family name to intimidate.

The next morning, Tony asks Carm if AJ is still asleep, and Carmela says that he stayed over at his friends' house last night, and sounded good when he called. Tony says that AJ's been on his medication for a week, so it might be kicking in. Carm thinks it's a pleasure to not have him lying around the house. Nice. Way to show concern for your only son. ["Eh. It is AJ." -- Wing Chun]

The guys hang out at the Bing. Christopher walks in and hands Tony an envelope, adding that he called Sal Vitro to come and resod his lawn. Poor Sal Vitro. Whenever one of these guys fucks up, it seems like Sal has to pay for it; I'm sure no one is paying him for his labor. Tony says that he and Paulie worked out a payment schedule, and points him out over by the bar. Christopher takes a breath and says that he's going to say hello. I really thought there would be gunfire at this point. The two men are civil to one another, and Paulie says, "Shit happens. What're you gonna do? No point in ruminatin'." Christopher apologizes, and Paulie apologies back and orders Christopher a club soda. Christopher thinks things over, realizes that he might as well just give in, and then says, "Fuck it. Whatever he's having." The bartender pours him what looks like either vodka or gin, and they toast.

Speaking of drinking liquor, AJ and his newfound fraternity brothers are doing shots when one of the Jasons gets a call telling him that Victor is at a party nearby. Apparently, Victor has yet to pay his debts. AJ actually smiles for the first time this episode, and agrees to go with the guys to find Victor. At the party, Victor is trying to impress some chicks by saying that he's going to transfer to Syracuse. Shout-out? That's where I live! And went to graduate school! Anyway, the Jasons arrive and wrestle Victor out to AJ's SUV. They drive Victor out to the woods and start beating the crap out of him. Jason Gervasi busts out some sulfuric acid (who just carries that around?) and dumps it on Victor's foot. As AJ helps to hold down a screaming Victor, he gets a look on his face that seems a mixture of disgust and arousal. It's a really creepy look. I guess he didn't just get his depressive nature from his father; he also got his penchant for violence.

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