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It's The End Of The Season As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Down at the shore, Vinnie and Little Paulie pull up in front of Lawyer Bruce's place in The Stugots. They set up Tony's speakers on the stern, and then we cut inside LB's house, where a dinner party is in progress. Suddenly Dean Martin starts blaring from the speakers, and Lawyer Bruce hops up to investigate. He checks out the boat, and notes the name, but still doesn't seem to realize that it belongs to Tony. He slams the porch doors shut in frustration, and everyone returns to their meal in silence.

Over at a deserted warehouse location that I'm fairly certain appeared in a movie I just saw but now can't remember the name of, Tony and Johnny Sack have gathered for a sit-down. After chatting about the trials and tribulations of marriage for a few minutes, they get down to business. Tony explains that he's decided not to kill Carmine, because "whacking a boss is bad for business." Johnny insists that they can weather the storm, but Tony turns to the camera to deliver a stern lecture to all the show's loyal viewers. "It's not just the internal upheaval," he explains. "Mr. and Mrs. John Q. America, by and large they sit still for our shit. So people get ripped off. They figure it's not them. But if it's the fucking OK Corral out there…" Yeah, yeah. We get it, David. They're murderers. We're not supposed to like them. But you know what? It's the repeated, incredibly arrogant insistence of everyone involved with this show that we're all too stupid to get that point because we actually like Tony that really pisses me off. I have yet to read a single interview with David Chase this season where he doesn't go out of his way to call his own fans morons for liking the violence, and there's apparently no criticism of his show's pacing and plotlines that can't be answered by simply saying that the critics are too bloodthirsty to see the true majesty of his vision. I'm not as down on this season as a lot of other people might be, but we're starting to verge on Sorkin territory here with the "holier than thou" attitude, and something needed to be said.

UPS Guy: Sign here, please.
Aaron: Another soapbox? What the hell am I gonna do with that?

Anyway, Johnny is not happy to hear that Tony won't be killing his boss. After ranting and raving about how much he hates taking orders from Carmine and that "disgusting, fucking, cocksucking idiot son of his," Johnny also rails against Tony for leaving him "holding [his] cock," and wonders how they'll ever be able to trust each other again. "I still consider you a dear, dear friend," says Tony, but Johnny has nothing to say in response. Hmm. Looks like someone might be a wee bit pissed off by the time next season rolls around, if you ask me. Which I'm actually looking forward to, because Vincent Curatola rocks. He's definitely the best new cast member not named Pants they've ever added.

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