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High Yield Bonds

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High Yield Bonds

Board room. The cast sit twitchily as Eyebrows gives her final pitch for the PCS job. TES's penis in a jar next to her laptop, she explains that she's outperformed the S & P by fifteen percent and she also has Knicks tickets (Giancarlo likes that, cuz, you know, he's black...well, kinda). In closing, she repeats exactly what TES told her about the firm at the bar -- she's not afraid of risk, likes the occasionally article in Fortune, etc. Giancarlo laughs, thinking about how much of Fox's money he just got without saying a word. When she asks for questions, TES raises his hand like a good boy and asks if she's a team player and that he thinks the firm travels down a different path. "Well, you show me whatever path you want...and I will gladly go down." Wink. Eyebrow raise. Smolder. The West Wing calls and gives The $treet a rating point just because it feels sorry for it. But then Martin Sheen stages a protest and they're forced to give it back.

Hallway. Rickman asks Giancarlo not to pull the trigger. "Trigger's pulled." In the most unrealistic thing on Fox since Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire, Alex and The Rocke-who come to Eyebrows's defense instead of pulling her hair out strand by strand. Rickman continues to gun for Hoffmeister until The Rocke-who tells him that he only cares about his referral fee and that he's afraid his little boys' club will end. Ah. Yeah. Okay. I "get it." I still don't "buy it." Giancarlo says, "Sorry Freddie. What can I say? I'm a Knicks fan." He then gets down on his knees and apologizes to the entire field of acting for doing this role, promising to do Richard II at the Public next summer as penance. "I am so gunning for you, honey," says Rickman. The Rocke-who flounces off.

Trading room. Nicky NotKatt stops Timmy and tells him to pull up a chair. "Butthead. It's for you. You said you wanted to learn, right? So sit down already, you're wasting time." Adopt a Rich Boy week continues as Nicky NotKatt begins to explain stuff to Timmy. Shucks, Pa. We can learn from poor folk, too! Rickman talks on the phone, and hangs up as he sees Blagman being wheeled in by Patty. Blagman weakly shakes Rickman's hand, telling him that he's a good man. He goes on to say that he already called his entire client list and told them they'll be working with Rickman from now on. "Wow. I don't deserve this," says Rickman, genuinely perplexed. The men hug. Patty whispers to Rickman, "I know you would have been great." "Oh, absolutely," he confirms. Hee.

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