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High Yield Bonds

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High Yield Bonds

Paramedics cart BigTrader out on a stretcher, as the other male traders use this tragedy to think about their own mortality, and to trade pithy lines about the man's eating habits. Rickman slimes, "Does make you stop and think...who's going to cover his client list." Rickman's claims he's just looking out for the firm as TES registers his disgust from deep within his tawny shell of moral centerhood. Alex whispers to Goldberg, "We should, uh, get going." Giancarlo smirks, as does Rickman. TES's bugs his eyes out as far as they can go. And Nicky NotKatt does "Perplexed" from page twenty-seven of Sandra Bellenstein's book How To Act: 100 Facial Expressions For The Serious Thespian.

Bar of...Ow! My cat just sliced the fuck out of my finger. I guess after subjecting her to The Miracle Worker the other night, The $treet is just too much for a cat to handle. She's just one cat. Anyway. Bar. Nicky, Rickman, and TES wonder where Goldberg was going with Alex. Nicky NotKatt reminds TES that he dumped Alex, so he has no right to be upset. Rickman suggests that friends shouldn't "poach" another's ex before at least a month passes, and then teases TES by making it seem like he thinks something is indeed going on. He tells TES to forget Alex and says, "It's all about the future. Like, right here's the the gray top." They look to a blonde at the bar...and it's Ms. Sampras -- she of the eyebrow arches. Damn. They're like little boomerangs. Could put somebody's eye out with those things Anyway, Rickman thinks she's staring at him: "She just needs the tour of my Penthouse of Love." The boys don't know what he means, so he takes out the brochure for the Trump Place Apartments on Riverside. I don't live in New York anymore but I think that actually might be a real development, which would suggest that Fox sold out to The Don for a few bucks. No...Couldn't be. After the camera gets a loving look at the brochure, Rickman says that's he'll be able to afford the place from the commission he'll get after Giancarlo hires his friend Hoffmeister to run "Private Client Services" for the firm. Rickman says that if Hoffmeister gets hired, and he's confident he will, he'll stand to make a five-hundred-thousand-dollar referral fee: "Hence, my palace of love." During all this, Eyebrows has been staring at TES, licking her lips, and using all her Stella Adler training to envision Pete serve-and-volleying her earlier that morning instead of TES sitting there, making Jonathan Lipnicki look masculine and alluring by sheer comparison. TES makes a trip to the bathroom, and when he returns, Eyebrows approaches him, "breaking the ice" after their stare-fest. While she's cute and charming, TES is just plain lame as she speaks of being honest and direct and smiles. Rickman tells TES they're going to go look at his new place, but TES says he's going to stay and blow it, I mean, hang out with Eyebrows. After learning that Eyebrows is a third grade teacher, TES condescends and says, "That's wonderful. That is so refreshing." She loses me by replying, "Well, I live to refresh." I live to fast-forward.

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