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High Yield Bonds

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High Yield Bonds

Offices. Rickman enters, explaining to Goldman that Blagman passed out before he could ask Rickman for a response, but that he called again this morning; Rickman doesn't know if this is worth it. So Goldberg (my, God is his hair huge!) does that thing Goldberg does, with the light moralizing followed by stammering followed by pithy aside, until Rickman pulls him into a doorway and says, "Look. Can I help it if my charitable instincts help me land Blagman's commissions? I mean, It's not like I'm in this, Evan, for the good time. You've seen Patty, she's like, you know, she's...she's enormous, dude. And you know, I'm not like trying to knock her or anything, but you know, I mean, she's a pig." He goes on to say that his wife will love him for it and something about how Kevin Kline in The Big Chill did the same thing, and he ends with, "I'm just going to close my eyes, I'm going to bang it out, and boom, everybody's happy." Timmy-Fell-Down-A-Well runs in with some news on a stock for Rickman; Donna also comes in with news. Rickman runs away, telling Timmy to grab him a trader and buy fifteen-thousand of Chemco at 240. Timmy tells Nicky NotKatt to do the trade. Commotion. Commotion. People are yelling numbers. Nicky tells Timmy the trade is "done." We end the section on Timmy looking all squinty and Neve-ish. Man, the writers are having a harder time finding endings to scenes than Lorne Michaels.

Hallway. TES follows Alex, doing his weird stare thing, and asks her if she and Goldberg are finishing the dance lessons. Alex wheels on him, smiling, and says, "We're just friends, Jack. But if we want to learn to Rumba, what's it to you?" TES looks stunned, his moral center askew after getting a handjob from Pete Sampras's wife on a tavern roof.

Conference room. The Rocke-who sits with, Hey, It's Dan Hedaya! Dan Hedaya explains that they do indeed do a lot of volume in New York but are not about to make any changes. He goes on to compliment Balmont-Stevens for their persistence and to say that he only really came in to take a look at their new remodeled interior. The Rocke-who not happy. The Rocke-who try best to stop Dan Hedaya from leaving. The Rocke-who gets called wrong name for second time by Dan Hedaya. The Rocke-who totally ineffective as VP. Stee not care: The Rocke-who pretty.

Trading room. Timmy-Fell-Down-A-Well talks to Donna, noticing that it looks like Nicky NotKatt put in an order for fifty-thousand of that stock instead of fifteen. Oops. Donna knows nothing because she's just a secretary so she kinda stares off at craft services and wonders if there are any Nutri-Grain bars left before we cut away. TES gets a call from Bridget, who stands at a pay phone outside a school. Outside a school. Not in. Now, I'm no genius, but something ain't right. A gorgeous New Yorker would have to be pretty damn drunk to give Tom Everett Scott a handjob within minutes of meeting him. She says she's been thinking about last night and wonders if he wants to get together again. TES looks across the room to see Goldberg cracking Alex up (she's really just laughing at how fucking high his hair is) and says, "No, I mean, I do want to," and so she invites him to a fragrance party. Of course she does. She adds once again how much she's been thinking about him, arching her eyebrow so high it smacks into the boom mic.

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