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High Yield Bonds

Bathroom. Calista Flockhart flies out of the stall, but then realizes she's on the wrong Fox show and slides down the drain pipe. Rickman tries to convince the Moral Center that it's been a perfectly decent interval of time away from Alex. "Wake up and smell the cologne," he says. Just then the Museum of Radio and Television officially pass a law stating that will be that last "Wake up and smell the..." joke ever made on television. While they're at it, I ask them to pass a law banning Cher from popping up on any of my favorite shows during sweeps and scaring me with that thing that used to be where her face was. Anyway, Rickman invites himself along to the fragrance party just as Donna knocks on the door announcing that Hoffmeister is on the phone for Rickman. Rickman bolts and the moral center that he is, TES actually flushes the urinal for Rickman. There's really such a fine line between conscientious and creepily co-dependent.

Trading room. Giancarlo sidles over to The Rocke-who and asks her what she said to Dan Hedaya. She adopts her "professional" look, which makes us think she's about to lick the goop from Giancarlo's pompadour, and then says that she actually failed. Giancarlo raises his eyebrows, sighs, glances at his paycheck, looks at his cue cards, and tells her that she must have been "pithy as hell," because Dan Hedaya wants to take her to dinner to hear her pitch. She shakes her hair around like a freshman at LSU who just did her first keg stand, marveling at the financial genius that is The Rocke-who. Meanwhile, Rickman tells Hoffmeister that he's "fine." He quickly hangs up and yells to TES that Hoffmeister is probably not going to get the job because word is Giancarlo met with some "dark horse" candidate with a celebrity client list and this dark horse will probably get the PCS position and he "just lost a friggin' five-hundred-thousand dollar finder's fee." TES once again displays the incredible caring and instinct he did when Molly Ringwald's dad just died last episode by blankly asking, "Are you okay?" TES: wimpy, dull, pretentiously pious, and pathetic around women. What a lead. Timmy-Fell-Down-A-Well kicks Rickman when he's down by announcing that Nicky NotKatt indeed misheard the bid and that they lost "half-a-million dollars by accident."

Later, Goldberg heads out and gets in the elevator; TES joins him. Goldberg tells TES that he was going to tell him about the dancing thing. TES whines that it does seem a little weird and actually asks, "Whose side are you on?" Hey, what happened to Xena? Didn't they decide last week to have a go at a relationship? I guess with the added expense of Bridgette Wilson-Sampras's eyebrow-grooming budget, Fox had to let someone go. Anyway, so Goldberg says that he doesn't want to be on anyone's side and that, besides, they're just dancing. When TES whines again about friendship, Goldberg -- seemingly more annoyed with the actor than with the character -- says, "Since when are you such a tough guy?" The line actually makes little sense and I imagine TES was supposed to come across as...well, tough, there, and ended up just playing the moment whiny and shrill. Goldberg plays pocket pool for a second as TES leaves the elevator saying, "You put yourself in the middle of this." Back up in the trading room, Nicky NotKatt and Timmy argue over the misheard order. Timmy-Fell-Down-A-Well gets all hardcore in his insistence that he said "fifteen-thousand." Nicky broods and paces. Rickman tells them he's not eating the loss and they better figure it out, concluding by saying that he has to "go spear a whale."

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